Dear Mike, Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Generic corporate response is generic. We're starving dogs and their tossing carrots to us.
I hope someone copy and pastes this too
Blizzard needs to see this
This statement in particular is troubling. Thus far, the vast majority of players would argue that you have done more to harm the game than to help it with the patching & hot fixes you've done since launch. I would argue that there are few players who think 1.0.3 was a huge improvement. IAS was over-nerfed, repair costs raised too high, enrage timers have no place in an ARPG, nerfing object loot tables, magic find on chests and world objects, rare bosses with garbage loot, resplendent chests with garbage loot and nerfing xp for quest turn ins for people who chose to power level that way. Along the way these patches broke more of the games core mechanics like hit boxes, resistances and rubber banding to name a few items none of which were acknowledged in your statement.

Spot on. No more gimmicks. They need to take some immediate actions...
Like this thread everyone.
This is the kind of post I would like to see Blues commenting on. Not "LOL NERF THIS""LOL BUFF THAT".


And they won't, because they probably don't know what's going on...

EVEN WORSE, they probably know that the core issues are not even close to being addressed.
In D3, you keep deciding and dictating to me how I should have fun and that's not fun, not in the least. Please, stop doing this.

Many nice points in your post, but that one sticks out the most for me.

I'm a grown man who has been playing video games since Pong. I find it terribly insulting each and every time they change my game. I feel like I'm being put on timeout or restriction for who knows what. It's baffling to me. You get used to a play style you find fun, and then they go and change it. Not just once, either.

Gearbox did it right in my opinion. They listened to their fans, and they knew we liked to grind for loot. With Blizzard, I do not in any way, feel that they know what we want. They may think they do, but they're sorely mistaken. Imagine if Gearbox said you could no longer load up Crawmerax checkpoints. They encouraged it!

In D3, I feel like a dumpster diver that could be picked up for trespassing at any moment. I feel like there's this shadowy figure always watching me, to make sure I play by their narrow minded view of play style.

I better not remake another game on any specific chapter to grind.
I better not swap gear for optimum loot (never did btw, but it should be an option).
I better not go actively seek out treasure goblins only. Etc, etc.

Just feels like there's a grim spectre ready to punish me for whatever I feel is fun in this game.

Hear us, Blizzard. These are real concerns your fans are having. Give us back our fun, and stop doling it out in small amounts as some sort of reward or placating measure. We deserve to have our fun at the time of our purchase.
if you keep asking others to give you the benefit of the doubt,
they'll eventually start to doubt your benefit

please get someone to respond...directly to the continuous issues raised in these forums,
of which...I'm almost certain (and I'm speaking very generally here) NONE of the major concerns are remotely related to the AH.
Adding filters to the AH should be on the bottom of the devs priority list...imho

Revising Drop Rates% of ilvl 62+ items in Inferno acts however, should be on the top.

Additionally, talking about build diversity...Remove Enrage Timers...some ppl actually like to play kiting and skill based builds...
if someone gets fun out of kiting around a pack for 30 mins to kill them because it felt like an epic battle, please don't punish them for this.
Great post OP.
Totally sums it up. We want to see actions not only words. And actions
regarding the fundamental flaws not AH "improvements"..
great read OP

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