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I can't add new friends on Social. Always getting error 3. Same result using Battletag and email address
Same here.
Can you provide the full error message when this error happens? Or a screenshot would be nice.
07/20/2012 12:26 AMPosted by WaveMan
Always getting error 3.

Without the full error message, I would hazard a guess that you've purchased the game online via the Blizz store. You are either still in the temporary restriction period (up to 72 hours to validate), or it is stuck.

If it is stuck and you have received the validation email, head to, log in and change your password. The restriction will recalculate and be lifted. You can also change your password back after the change.

Additionally, if you get an error 3, it will not prevent your friend adding you while you sort it out.

I read this somewhere on the forum after experiencing it myself.

- i_mass_ents

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