Doing NM Crater runs only.

170k/half hour for NM only.

If you manage to find 2 friends to level too I'll only be charging 150k/half hour for NM EACH.

Please note that you should have all your defensive ability up and have about 25k hp just to be safe.

Try to stay behind me at all times and do not open any vessels or bone piles unless I do so.

After much evaluation I realised that I cannot do Hell crater runs fast enough to make it worth your money hence I'll stop doing it. I just can survive the mobs without any problem but I just can't down them fast enough which would make it difficult for those I'm running.

I have a vouch to show that I'm trustworthy and can be seen here:

Current Status: ONLINE!
Bump up for service
Bumping up! Will be online in half hour!
I sent you a friend request. I'll be on tonight (7-8 hours from now)

- Turk021#1692
need hell runs tonyferal#1449
Online now doing NM runs!
Done for Flip and GABLER!
Can vouch that runs are done quickly and he does what he can to keep you alive
Thanks GAB :) Sorry about your first char loss.
He lvl'ed me about 5.5 lvls (27-32) in the 30 min. I cut it off a little early due to having some close calls and didnt want to bite it! Runs fast, just watch out for yourself, it isnt easy to be the lower lvl and is a little bit dangerous. Good runner, though.
Cheers :) Thank you
Done one for Kingslayer!
Did a hell run with him,really nice guy. However the run is relatively dangerous and slow than i thought. 30min 1.5 lvl(50-52),and had some close calls, 3 rares dropped.

Refunded me 100k at the end
Yup realised that after I help Kingslayer run. Hence I'm changing it. So sorry about it and decided to refund him half his money
up this :)
go go go
Need 2 more for cheaper leveling!
Just helped a few guys with 4 rounds of running :) Great stuff!
Did exactly what he said, nm craters for 150k/30 minutes, although he is running on a monk and not DH or wizard, u can still run with him with sub 10k health and survive well by staying back.

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