Barb god-like exploit

Bug Report
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it's the spider boss in A3. not act 1
Is this true?
07/23/2012 10:55 PMPosted by More92
Is this true?

No it's not....
Barb god mode?

Like this?

Thats a butcher glitch. not barb glitch
I tried it. doesn't work for me. Either that, or i don't understand how it exactly works...
post a youtube to show that it's legit!! or you are just a big fat liar!
i'm not doing that !@#$ing spider cave to find out if this works or not lol
Demon Hunter Godmode:

(1) Go back to May 15th
(2) Roll a Demon Hunter
(3) Use 3 second Smoke Screen
(4) When the duration ends, go to step 3.


I think you need to spend some hours fixing this blizzard :)
why everyone cares about god mode?, they all died in wrath of titan.
And it would be like that in wrath of Blizzard!!.

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