Barb god-like exploit

Bug Report
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Players are busy farming with GOD-like Barb. No video has been released.
wow it does work. i thought everyone was lying and just going along with it, i went into nightmare on my barb and charged into cydea's cutscene, then every time i walked into a monster it dealt the full 185% damage and life regain..

going to test on 'any' cutscene now.
i dunno about ghom but when i did it with cydea, i couldn't 'charge' into her, i could only walk through the spiders and regular mobs outside (didnt test champ/elites) but couldn't do it on her, so dont try it on ghom, kill ghom then try it on regular mobs outside
confirmed working, rune grants perma 8% life leech LOL. as long as you can constantly hit enemies. GG
pricesless ! wtf

endless charges with double damage ftw, just cleared act 4 twice and i couldnt farm act 4 before
i hope blizzard release more exploits in the future, the game is fun only because of them
Confirmed Working 100%

You can pretty much ditch all your LoH gears and go for full damage with some HP and resistance. Enjoy!
Blizzard needs to fix this very soon!
So i tested this out as well and it does work. and what I find is that the effect will only work once per enemy. So if i walk into a collosal Golgor for example, i'll do the dmg, and get the healing effect from the dreadnaught rune. It will only work one time per enemy. after the first proc of the effect I'll only be walking into a golgor and doing nothing else. However! I did notice one extra surprise benefit....

If i then swing my sword at those Golgors, that 8% life i get from the rune becomes Life on Hit with my weapon attacks. My barb should only heal 900 life with the gear i had on. But instead i was seeing the equivalent of about 4000 LoH instead. I assume because the healing from deadnaught works like LoH.

So yeah. its not necassarily god mode for barbs, but a few thousand LoH for free is pretty awesome.
works well on ghom (just does not attack ghom)

you can down champs/elites too with this.
If you use furious charge again. The effect will be gone.
now we need to test it somewhere in act 1/2, any helpers?

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