DIABLO 3 FARMING- increase drop rates? Or not

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Keep Farming!!!!!

Don't clear a act and give up because you didn't get any good loots. Farming on Diablo is like gambling. Chances are you will only keep 1 out of every 20-30 drops or so. But keep in mind YOUR AIMING FOR THE JACK POT.

If your gear isn't good enough to farm efficiently I would recommend farming gold or try a different act. Act 1 with high MF seems to be the best for most players.

I currently farm act 3. I clear the whole act 4-5 times a week and usually get at least 2-3 items worth 1 mill + (I'm able to kill 80% of all elites/champs). Takes me 2-3 hours to clear entire act.

When I first started farming act 3 the only MF I had was from NV. 0% from gear. And still was able to get at least 1 item worth 1 mill + a week. Now I'm using 150% MF and my chances of getting a good drop has increased (not a whole lot but a little bit of a difference)

But like i said- YOUR AIMING FOR END GAME GEAR. I don't keep items unless their worth 500k +. So far the best item I found a was a weapon with 950 DPS and 380 LOH. It took 2 weeks to sell and I got 15 Million for it. Also found a amulet worth 8 mill.

This is end game people. Your not going to get a good item every time you clear a act and that's the way it should be. 

NO- I DO NOT THINK LOOT SHoULD BE INCReASeD. It's fine where it is. This is end game people.... It should take some time. AH is already flooded as it is
So you only found 15 m worth gear in your entire gaming experience and all the good items out there are at least 50 m. I can't see the reason why they shouldnt bring up the drop rates.
I've farmed well over 100 mill so far. The weapon alone was worth 15 mill (would have cost 50 mill a couple months ago)
You can get good items in AH now for under 10 million. I upgraded 150% MF and only lost 2 k life and 2 k dps. I bought all my MF gear for under 30 million and I do not switch MF on before kill. Wear it whole fight

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