The End is Nigh

Lore and Story
  • "Trag'Oul is a mysterious dragon-like being who guards Sanctuary and maintains the Balance between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells." ~ D3Wiki
  • Trag'Oul's exact origins are unknown, although it is hinted that he is not a unique being, that other worlds have guardians similar to him.
    • This suggests that even if it were possible to eliminate the Prime Evils, Trag'oul would intervene and destroy all life on sanctuary. The balance must be met and kept in order for Sanctuary to exist...
    I'm pretty sure it suggests that if we killed the Prime Evils, they'd destroy Angelic Council.
      I believe it could have meant that Trag'Oul would either destroy Sanctuary to come to a resolve in the chaos of the disproportional disposition of Sanctuary.
      Or Trag'Oul would reincarnate the Prime Evils to bring back an equal distribution of good and evil.

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