Acid cloud / firebomb LOH is amazing!

Witch Doctor
Just saying! I played inferno on my WD for the first time yesterday, and I must say LOH works so well with acid cloud / firebomb. I only have 800 LOH and I think I was healing ~20-30% life with -each- acid cloud, at 39k HP. Anyone find similar? I almost think 800 LOH is overkill for a WD (coming from my 1200 LOH WW barb).
800 LOH on Act I is good stuff.
800 LOH on Act II may not suffice.
800 LOH on Act III/IV is not enough for me...

Good luck.
Wait until you get to Act III.

My stats roughly:
1100 LOH
850 Resist
4K+ armor
1800 Life regen

2nd level of the keep is rough for me. The resident evil monsters eat me alive.
I've been using this combo too (Firepit + Acid Rain with ~900 LoH). Worked great for me all the way through the beginning of Act 3. Now that I'm in the interior of the keep I've run into at least one champ pack that was too much to handle. Not sure if more LoH is the answer though... the answer may involve more DPS or more defense.

The Acid Rain is partly for Bad Medicine and a bit of DPS. It may do better LoH too but Fire Pit already does a ton.
I take some comfort in knowing that others had trouble in Keep Level 2. LOL. It was one of the hardest parts of the Act for me. The Soul Cleavers with the double sided axes were so deadly. Using Bad Medicine with Acid Cloud may help.
dps of firebomb is not enough for act 3
07/27/2012 09:50 PMPosted by player
dps of firebomb is not enough for act 3

Maybe it's not, but it should be. To go much higher with damage you either need to switch to single target, or VQ. The only other mana-friendly choice I can think of is Rain of Toads (~30% better with damage). Seems silly that VQ is mandatory for all the DPS builds.
07/27/2012 11:19 PMPosted by Jasonator
Seems silly that VQ is mandatory for all the DPS builds.
Splinters VQ? Err no.
07/28/2012 12:06 AMPosted by Stargorn
Seems silly that VQ is mandatory for all the DPS builds.
Splinters VQ? Err no.

Single target.
07/28/2012 04:06 PMPosted by Jasonator
Single target.
Single dead target.
I run 1900 Loh i don't die lol
07/27/2012 09:50 PMPosted by player
dps of firebomb is not enough for act 3

I disagree I used Firebomb all the way through Inferno Act 3. I switched to Splinters on the main bosses only. Firebomb is still working fine for me in Inferno Act 4.
Can someone post the rough gear requirements for this build?
I used that combo for Rakanoth - proved to be more effective than adding a shield and taking bad medicine. I used horrify/armor rune as another defensive cooldown, and whenever I got low, I could either spirit walk or horrify to heal up quickly. So yeah, if your LoH is low, survival is low, using these 2 skills can help put you over the edge.

This was with more LoH too - I don't think, in the absense of anything else, you can say "xx life on hit is all you need" - it depends on the skills, talents, other stats, playstyle, etc... not much is black/white in this game.

Fire pit can be pretty good damage if you're tanking, and acid cloud is decent for AoE/DoT. But there's no burst, no true big hitters: No bears/bats to clear a room or even poison dart-esque damage to kill things 1-by-1.
Haven't followed this thread in a while, thanks for all the feedback! Actually, my WD is in act3 now, with the same 800 LOH. I'm currently at the keeps level 2 (took me FOREVER to clear level 1). This is the build I am using now:!ZbX!baYaca

800 LOH seems enough for me with acid cloud and fire bomb, acid cloud especially. I have a lot of stun/blind/fear/freeze/etc on my gear, and these work very well with acid cloud / fire bomb too. I think my issue now is my resists/armor/HP, at 500/3k/34k, I just die too fast if I try to tank a3 mobs. I personally think 800 LOH is OK with acid cloud / fire bomb.

Also, I found the dps of fire bomb / acid cloud lacking, so I put in zombie bears for close range dps, and those poison darts for long range single target dps. In close range I CC-lock the monsters with fire bomb, and wait for my mana to slowly regen enough for zombie bears, and fire that off. Then I repeat. For the kiters in act3 I use the darts, that seems to work. Still experimenting!
I'm running almost the same build. mind you a couple of my stats are a tad higher, have you thought of big stinker and fire on dogs and gargantuan they will proc LOH and and CC skills you may have. and if you throw in big bad voodoo and summon fetishes you can run around with VQ and only have to worry about cool downs every minute or so. with a high enough LOH and resists the pets may indeed be able to last the whole minute by the way
Do the pets benefit from LOH? Maybe the big guy does, but I think the dogs don't?
There is a thread on that but for the gargantuan only the big stinker work with loh and it's 100% per mob per tick.!ZbX!baYaca

The problem it seem to me with that built is you don't run vision quest. As far as I'm concerned anything that run bear or acid clouds requires vision quest.

Here is the built I'm currently using.!ZUV!acaaYc

I have 6 mana regen from helm, 9 from off-hand, 9 from weapon and 2 from templar. The only thing that really matters is mana regen. With infinite mana you can pretty much stand there and kill anything and only have to move out of poisons and stuff that can 1 shot you.

You summon the bear before the fight.
You snare from far, pop spirit walk, fear and then idealy you cast 1 acid rain and spam bear. Spam acid rain as needed to keep 100% life. The bears are there because they do 3-5 times the dps of the rain and also because the dot part of the rain doesn't stack. This clears any normal pack in seconds with the right timing. For elites you of couse will have to kite but you can acid rain from very far to keep 100% healed and between the fear, spirit walk, the snare and the bear you can kite alot of stuff. I've managed to kill an invulnerable minion, fast, arcane, teleporter pack without dying this morning which honestly, before trying this built I would have tell you would be impossible to do or so.

The timing is about keeping everything down for VQ to be up all the time. Added bonus when you fear mobs into the 80% snare while spamming bear.

It kinda suck to have to destroy barrel with a cast of bears but that's the life of the WD if you ask me. Mana suck, vision quest suck as far as designed is concerned but it's too good to pass up.

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