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07/28/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Stiphler
The fact that it's ALL PASSIVE skills and no ACTIVE skills is a HUGE problem. It's all incredibly lackluster too....6% bonus to projectile dmg, 10 dex, 8% melee dmg....OOOH BOY SOOO creative.

You sound like you haven't played it before. Learn more about it before trying to find a reason to bash it. The passives skills make a huge difference, do you even know what a keystone is?

Why would it be a problem. Did you think the game doesn't also have a very intricate skill system through the gems???
Nothing like leveling up and *boom*, adding a +2% damage passive skill!

Yeah, there's a reason skill trees like that have been disappearing from games. It isn't because they're somehow "too difficult" or "too complex" or "too free" for today's gamers. It's because that type of skill tree is boring and meaningless. People want to level up and get an awesome new ability to try out, not a completely unnoticeable passive increase.

Ok first of all I don't think there is a 2% damage passive in that entire tree. Even if there was people would avoid it who have half a brain cell. You need to play it before judging it which is what I did with D3. Your view isn't at all consistent with people who play the game. The tree isn't at all boring and meaningless and I can't believe you would compliment D3's terrible skill system. Oh look at that I just got the same skill every other player in the game has. I guess I will have to switch to the better one unless Blizzard in their infinite wisdom decides to buff this one.

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