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Hey, I bid a weapon with max bid of 30 million. the accurate price is a bit over 22million, but no gold refund after i got it. The gold is not the issue, but i doubt how u can let such bug exist for so long time because ive heard such thing serveral times. We play follow your rule have to bear so many follish mistakes but the cheater who get millions gold with a illegal software never been punished even i reported them hundred times.
My friend was banned because you suspect he used some cheating software but u even cant prove it just rely on your assumption?! Im his friend and i know he never use such thing, but never mind if you recoginse im cheating as well.
Realy angry for your attitudes and management. maybe i have to stop playing such a bugged joking game

trade order ID: 482758377
StDing#2805 European
I met the exact same issue yesterday

Here is what happened :

1. I bid on a pant
2. Got out bid
3. I see current bid is 3.x million
4. When auction has 30 second left, I bid again and put max bid as 10.x million. Note i put a random number like 10032345.
5. I won the bid and paid the exact same number of my max bid.

The current bid was at 3.x million the whole time... I want my hard earned money back.
adding myself to the list, there is obviously a bug about it. 30% of times not geting refund even if I overbid an item by unreasonable amount(means noone with a little mind wouldnt go so high in bids) and the bids are like 12344326gold aslo must guarantee a refund. Loosing couple of millions every time this bug happening.
This just happened to me. I put a bid of 8.2 million on boots that were at 4.6 million. No one else bid, but when the auction completed it said I won the item with a bid of 8.2 million, and took all of it.
same thing happened to me
same thing happened to me

order no 917238046 (loss 2 Mil)

order no 907233471 (loss 30k)
I can attest to this happening as well. Not going to be looking for aucitons to bid on until they fix this.
I have that problem too last night and I still don't see my change. =(
I lost more Millions last night because my gold aren't deposited back to my Completed Task after being out bid. I want my hard earned gold back please. =(

Is Blizzard doing this intentionally to force people to buy their gold in RMAH? =(
Happened for me too. The highest bid on the chest was around 400k if i dont remember wrong, and i put in a max bid for 4,4 mil when it was short time left.(all the gold i had at the time) I won the auction for the full amount, with no refund.

Order no: 725030280

Pretty slim chance that the person before me put in a max bid right under my exact amount, so please look it up atleast!
same thing happened to me!

i bid about 48 million for something expecting to get a big chunk of it back, istead won the item, but never got 1 gold back the item was only 20 mil when i bid.

i've opened a ticket, so far no response

edit: i also bid a random amount of gold 45891850 - leaving me with a grand total of 7 gold left in my stash
i'm going to keep bumping this
Same thing happened to me, I bid 85 MILLIONS for an item barely worth more than 50M, just to ensure that I won't lose the bid and guess what? I paid exactly 85M.
something screwy is happening here. was seriously expecting enough change to upgrade my gems, but was left with 7 gold. either someone has figured out how to see what someone has bid, and then pushes the bid up to 1 gold below, or some massive error has happened with the AH set up.

has everyone here opened up a ticket???
anyone else??
it seems blizzard screwed up big time with the last AH update/maintenance they did. i hope they wake up and drink some coffee before performing it next time... :(

its causing us much stress
i opened a ticket at the time too; so far no response
Don't bid higher than you're willing to pay.

It's more likely that shill bidding is to blame than it is a bug with the auction house. If I'm correctly interpreting how bidding works ( http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-auction-house-functionality#q4 ), it's not that difficult to determine whether or not someone has reached their max bid. You bid against them, and if they bid back 5% more, then it wasn't their maximum bid. If they bid back any other amount, that's their max.

Blizzard either didn't consider this, or didn't think it was a problem, possibly because higher transaction values do benefit them.
then it is an exploit. and we are victims.

if this happened on E-Bay people would be suing. they are meant to be providing an environment for safe and secure trading.
I'm adding myself to this list. Posted already on the bug forum (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6758986798) but hopefully adding on to a more active thread will bump it and attract some attention.
Also submitted a support ticket Tuesday morning (10/2) which remains "open".

And Javrius, you've been very quick to tell people with this issue that someone simply bid up to almost, but just barely not quite their max bid, somehow making the price *exactly* what was bid. From the FAQ you link:
For equipment such as weapons and armor, players are able to set a maximum bid to engage in automatic bidding; the system will automatically place a bid at the lowest possible winning price, in 5% increments (but no lower than 10 gold / $0.10 USD or equivalent), up to the maximum the player sets.

(emphasis mine)
Unless their system does not work as advertised, a bid must be 5% greater than the previous bid, which must have been 5% greater than the one above it, etc. Thus, the price after n bids is starting price * 1.05^n
Meaning that from a given starting price, you know exactly what the bidding price will be some number of bids into the future. Anyone offering less than that will be told their bid doesn't match the minimum, and anyone offering more will automatically have their bid entered as the "lowest possible winning price". So unless it's possible to go from the starting bid to exactly 95.24% of your maximum bid by powers of 1.05, you will either lose the bid or be due a refund.

How likely does that seem? (never mind the fact that this incredibly precise bidding war happens mere seconds before the auction expires). Alternatively, we could look around the bug forum and realize that, in addition to our problem, there are many people who don't get paid when they sell an item, or who don't get refunded when they're outbid. The mechanic for overbidding is that your maximum bid is taken out of your stash, then any amount by which you overbid is refunded. It seems like the larger problem is that the AH periodically "loses" gold (ever wonder where the Treasure Goblins get it from?), and that any time you're expecting gold from the AH for whatever reason there's a chance you'll be left holding the bag.

I'm curious if anyone has had any success with support tickets with this issue, or if we can get some sign this is even being noticed by Blizzard...

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