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thank you, Vertoch.

this is a very real problem.

i am going to link this thread into my ticket now. suggest everyone else do the same.

and no response from tuesday, vertoch?? mine was opened thursday morning. still open, still no response.
Here is my order# 1011714777. I think i'm down 60mil because of this. also here is the screenie of complete transaction.


current bid was ~80mil. I bid 160 last sec and won the thing for 160. no refund!
still no answer to my ticket...
bumping for justice!
It happened to me more than a dozen times. I don't think this is just coincidence.
Bought a crit gaze some time ago for the exact price, a pair of bracers for 200m, and gloves for 8m. All of these were last second bids, yet I got the exact amount, no refund. Even commodities give you 50-60 gold back if it warrants a refund, so why not the same minimal amount in bidding on items?
please hear us Blizzard!
Im on EU server and I had that same problem. Order ID: 733021953

Current bid was at 11.5 mil but I bought it at max bid 20 mil. Were there any changes to AH mechanics that we are not aware of?
bumping up
Are you guys sure that you bid an amount that is absolutely not possible that someone wanted to pay? I bought my mojo for 50108471 just the exact amount I bid in the last seconds (the visible current bid was around 30mil at that time) and also didn't get any refund, but as I understand if someone bid at least my amount divided by 1.05 I'm not getting any refund cause the system automatically outbids the other guy on my behalf by 5% if it's possible and if it's not possible then sets the maximum bid I placed as the current bid.

So in my case someone must have placed a bid of at least 50108471/1.05 = 47722354 and that's why I didn't get a refund.
but how likely is it that someone did that, Senti? some of us are talking about bidding over twice as much as we're pretty sure it's worth - in the last few seconds.

if Blizzard responds to my ticket saying they have evidence that someone bidded JUST under me, in the last few seconds, in a genuine attempt to win the item - not just to push my bid up in an organized exploit with the seller - then i will be satisfied. i was pretty disappointed that i lost all but 7 of my gold, but i honestly would have been more disappointed to have lost the auction.

it was the amulet i'm wearing on my monk, by the way. anyone else here reckon it's worth 49 million gold? i was the only person to have bid on it with an opening bid of 20 million, no BIN - until, apparently, the very last second. (???)

oh, and my auction spanned over the last AH maintenance too. i'm curious: anyone else who posted here, did it also coincide with the maintenance??

still no answer to my ticket either.
update: just had a response to my ticket. it says that the only way to get my problem fixed is to go and open a thread in the bug forum... even though i've linked this thread in my ticket.

i've seen it before, but does anyone know where that quote is from the bug forum where a blue says they can't help from here, and they have to go open a ticket? circles.

anyone else get a ticket response yet??
more update: i have been responded to again.

the customer service person points me to here:


apparently Blizzard are admitting that they fail to provide a safe and secure auction house service, and that they wilfully allow people to exploit their failed mechanic.

if this were e-bay, people would sue.

not happy.
i would like to now direct you all here:

I've got the same issue too. Outbid and no refund. Raised 2 tickets and got a couple of message exchanges with customer service people. They all gave me all sort of excuses ... Refund takes 5 days, they saw the refund in their system and I need to show them my proof, I bought something at the same time and used up the refund, etc.. All dumb asses. Why can't they just admit that there is a AH bug going on!?!?!? Really good to be in the jobs of these brainless dumb asses. All they can do and need to do is to give some standard responses to all incoming questions. I am getting to suspect that those customer service people are just computer responses but not real human, as a 3 year old kid can do better than them who sit on their brains all day long!!!!!
Damn it ... Just got this response from blizzard:

Diablo III support is not able to provide Auction House reimbursements because we cannot alter heroes, gold totals, stash contents, or auction details. If something cannot be recovered using in-game systems, I seriously apologize that it may well be permanently lost, *however*, software glitches and bugs can occasionally happen so if you encounter one of these bugs, please see our Reporting Diablo III Bugs support article (http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/reporting-diablo-iii-bugs).

These people aren't working for Blizzard!?!?!? ... How can they say things like this????
They cannot resolve the issue, and now closed my ticket!!!!!!! A whole bunch of useless irresponsible cheaters!!!!!!
Today it happened to me as well. I bid an arbitrary amount as my max bid (35 058 000) on an item and got it for that exact amount. The person above me posted this was fixed but I can ensure you its not. Today, the 21st of October 2012, the bug still exists.
Yes, it is still an issue. Last night it happened to me, the auction is expired but the "not winning bid" isn't in the completed section and and thus no refund.
This problem also happens to me.
Current bid after finished still only 800k but I don't receive my money back.
no refund!!

Order ID is 1062390152

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