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I know with the stress test this weekend a lot of people are trying it out and there have been tons of threads on it. I just wanted to point out an interesting detail I noticed that seems insignificant until you realize it's a sign that the devs aren't just doubling things here and there but they're actually testing it.

D3: In A2 you run into Lacuni and if they jump at you there's the split second before, after and while they are in the air that you can't touch them.

PoE: I just had a mob jump towards me, cast fireball and he landed in a pile of burning ashes mid jump.

Like I said it seems minor but It's very clear that there are areas of D3 that were never properly tested.

I played for an hour and I had 1 extra attack, a swing with both weapons.

If it took you an hour you were doing something wrong.
I tried it and it is a fun game. It has a long way to go but worth playing some. I would like to fast forward and play it when it is more finished!!!
The loot and loot attributes in PoE are a thousand times more fun and creative than in D3. It's so sad.

I'm looking into at how far the EU/Belgian regulations go for refunds on digital products/services. Next patch will determine if I go for one, and it has to be here next week.
PoE lags slightly worse than D3 on my very low end computer, otherwise I might spend the 10 bucks since the little I played made it seem solid. Skill system gives you versatility like D3, but also some sense of customization for your character. Currency system is a bit weird but I guess it may help with inflation.

I'm really hoping the 1.04 is even half as good as I'm expected to think it will be. I'd have much lower expectations for it, I think, if I had some idea of what was happening and how far out it was. It's been awhile since I touched D3.
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If it took you an hour you were doing something wrong.

I'm better than you. I can run quickly and autoattack monsters.

Its boring. In D3 you get a fast ramp up of new levels and new abilities.

They need to make the beginning of the game like that.

Stop crying like a fanboy and focus on what else I said.

Crying? I simply pointed out that if after an hour you only had one attack aside from the default attack you're doing something wrong. After you get over that it's not D3 you get the same ramp up once you get over the learning curve. Plus what does that ramp up in D3 lead to? Hundreds of hours of farming for !@#$ty drops.
From Recent experience (D3) id rather start weak and get strong than start strong and feel like a little Female Canine come endgame
Ah glad there's a thread on this, I've been playing PoE ever since yesterday morning when I found out I could play the beta this weekend.

Have to admit, after clocking ~6 hours into PoE, and then coming back to D3 to mess around a bit, I've realized, D3 is a huge let down, and it almost made me want to just get up and go outside because of how bad D3 actually is in comparison to a game made by a company which actually listens to it's fanbase.
I'm at lvl 50 and pushing to get threw act 2 so I can test the new maps..I think PoE is on the right track for sure.

If you loved D2 but hate PoE you're nuckin futts

I don't care what anybody says. PoE is D2 on steroids. Only the real gamers will appreciate PoE. Bottom line.

Two weeks ago I'd have been annoyed by the lack of any real depth to your statement... but I'm inclined to agree.
all u prepubescant casuals that have been carried my Blizzard for YEARS by dumbing down ALL CONTENT will not enjoy POE.

POE doesn't hold your hand from the start with "starter Zone Tutorials" they encourage YOU to learn your character and deduce a FUN playstyle.

No pigeonholing-No AH simulator-

pure unadulterated ARPG enjoyment

P.S> The game isn't COMPLETED yet so sop crying about minor polish, think out of the blizzard brainwash box
How many different skills, hotkeys, can you use in PoE?

D3:s six skills only was a huge disappointment for me, always thought it was fun to have a huge array of skills binded to hotkeys ready to use. In D2 for example it wasn't that uncommon, with skills granted from items to use up all 15 skill hotkeys. Gave lots of room to spice things up when you where killing mobs. So instead of just spamming amp damage and dim vision you could use terror, attract, decrep, lower resist and so on. Kept things interesting.

I would imagine from the looks of it though that PoE is designed to be like D3, meaning fewer hotkeys?
Looks like there is alot of theorycrafting in the game though so guess that would make up for it somewhat.

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