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I am having occasional 'screen jumps'. I will be running around-anywhere- and suddenly my character will suddenly be standing where ever they were about 2 seconds ago. I have also noticed this at times when i try to interact with something-a chest, person, trunk, log, whatever. I'll click on it and nothing will happen. I know now that i just need to wait because in a couple of seconds I'll find myself standing where i was just a bit ago. This never happens during a fight. i don't think its lag or system slowness. I have an I7 920, nvidia GTX260, 6gb ram. not the newest system out there but the game runs perfect when i'm fighting and whenever i'm not it acts funny. There is no 'set' timing on it either from what i can tell. I'm just trying to figure out if this has been reported already or if anyone else has this issue.

Thank you
thor35t ,

What you're describing is more commonly known as "rubber banding". It's usually tied to latency so having a good connection is one way to limit it from happening, though even then it can occur sometimes.

The devs are still looking into ways to reduce it so we'll need to wait until they implement a fix, which may be done via a client patch in the future or possibly even a server-side hotfix. Basically, I have no information at this time as to when it will be addressed.
Happens all the time still for me, figured this was as good as it was going to get. My ping is <100 most times, and each patch has made it worse on my end honestly.
Cmon.. this was introduced with 1.0.3 and almost all of the people comaining loudest are using ssd...high end vid... high end cpu...and all have top tier comcast/fios etc. I didnt have a single hiccup EVER until the last patch. Including during release.

I sincerely hope at some point we get a response. Even calling tech suport netted me zero info. 2 sec rubberband is death.

I have 2 SSDs in raid 0, 2 GTX 670s in SLI, an I7 2600k, Verizon FIOS and a Linux Smoothwall router/firewall and very rarely experience any sort of rubber-banding, but I won't say I've never seen it at all, because I do, but it's certainly not causing me any problems. If I happen to be stressing my network by downloading in the background while playing for example, I'll see it more often than when I'm not downloading, which is why I say it's likely to be related to latency.

I'm not here to argue with you, but I'm pointing out your conclusions that it's the game aren't valid for me as far as my personal experience goes as I meet the criteria you just described.

As I said, the devs have seen the reports and are working to do what they can. I can't say when their efforts will make it into the game as any changes to game code take a lot of internal testing before they're released.
you work for blizzard, why would you admit the rubberbanding is compliments of them? Sorry man but the whole "My game runs fine It must be your end" statement lacks substance. This rubberbanding and stutterlag is 100% a game design/server flaw. It has worsened with every patch you guys have rolled out and intensified into full on client crashes.
07/27/2012 02:37 PMPosted by Omrakos
It's usually tied to latency

I am going to out right disagree with you.

The rubber band effect is not latency related from my experience as I can reproduce it with no latency issues or ping increase over and over again in the same area I receive the initial rubber band effect. I have the same connection as you (if you are running top end fios). More than likely I am playing from the same area as well *if your at blizz hq/orange county area* along with equivalent pc specs.

The effect latency/lag spikes have on the game are a complete temporary freeze in gameplay. Not a teleportation of your character. They are completely different and have different causes. Which you must know if you play the game, which im assuming you do. More than likely the rubber band effect has something to do with the collision coding.

That's my personal experience.

Please read what I said and try not to put a spin on it to fit what you want it to say. I merely pointed out my personal experiences. Closing thread as I've addressed the original question the best I can.

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