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Whats going on? Not sure if something is patching or downloading or both.... stuck on the boot screen.

Anyone know what's going on?
Not having any such issues here. What client are you using? is it the patcher thats updating or the game itself?

Try hitting ctrl+alt+del and closing agent.exe and trying again.
I'm having the same problem after the update.

If you have a mac, hit cancel if it asks for your password, it'll then work.
Same problem here... It just says initializing...
Same problem with OSX Mountain Lion, i wanna play...... :-Grrrrrr
same problem, initialising.....anyone can help???? please!?!
BTW, i am on Mac......
SAme thing, I'm on a mac. If I close the app down and open 'Diablo III' in applications folder, open that and when prompted for my mac password press cancel and it'll work. As can often happen this patch has just caused another problem.
Thanks guys for the help. Works good on Mac OSX Lion if I hit cancel when its ask for my mac pw.
Great! i have the same problem.... but with cancel works! thank you!
It worked to press cancel when the password was asked for and then reopen it. Thanks :)
my game doesnt ask for my password?? Its also stuck on initializing. anyone can help me fix this so i can play? even tell me how to make it where it asks for a pw so i can get around it like the previous posts? thank you

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