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Keep it going guys, just thumbs up and request sticky to all 7 posts if you approve of the idea.

Keep the conversation as Civil as possible and insult free. Any childish behavior will be reported. If you are again'st the idea, please, elaborate as of why you are again'st it.

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What is the main Idea behind this?
The main idea is to give an occasional, little boost of Morale while playing the game. A little bonus kick that will help keep the game addictive. I don't think that we wish the game to be easier. We only want to have that little "Awesome! Didn't get good items yet, but this horrendous elite pack over there might give me a little something :D I sso hope to find another one in my current run" kind of thing.

It wouldn't be overpowered to get an extra ilvl.63 items since it doesn't mean that it has any kind of value. It's only a little carrot glued on our forehead that we will want to catch.

Credits: Zythe

Monsters should sometimes have additional affixes that make interesting things happen to keep players glued for that next pack. A couple of my ideas are the following:

Hoarder: Drops a guaranteed i.lvl 63 item
Rich: Drops 10x the amount of gold
Ancient: Increased chance to drop a legendary
Appraiser: Drops a guaranteed 6 affix item
Cursed: Gives the player a very nice damage buff upon defeat.
Traitor: Shows the player the location of the nearest Treasure Goblin upon defeat.

Just stuff like that can make a game go from being terrible to really good. Not every pack would have these affixes and they wouldn't take the place of one of the four players have to overcome, but it might make a player want to fight that Shielded, Vortex, Molten, Extra Fast elite pack of killer spiders.

This is the original idea, here's further development of the idea proposed by different players:

Ways to prevent exploiting:

Here are some idea:

1. Make the Positive Affix spawn on elite packs only if the player has 5 Nephalem Valor.
2. Make the Positive Affix spawn only if the nearest elite pack was killed by the player. (That way, people couldn't just skip until they find one)
3. Make the Positive Affix spawn only when the last monster of the pack has 10% remaining HP. Possibly matched with a light beam effect (Like when a player levels up)

Idea to keep difficulty/reward balance:

1. Give an extra negative affix to the pacts affected by a positive affix.
2. Give a slight, related, boost to ennemy's lethality with each positive affixes (Example, cursed = higher damage).

New Affix Idea No.1
Armored: Monsters receive 10% less damage but drop a guaranteed ilvl 63 armor piece with the +armor trait
Heavy Hitter: Monsters do 10% more damage but drop a guaranteed ilvl 63 weapon with the +percent damage modifier
Elemental: Monsters damage is converted to a type of elemental damage instead of physical and/or take 50% less damage from elemental sources. Drops a ilvl 63 piece of armor with guaranteed all resistance trait.
Enemy of the Nephalem: Grants two stacks of Valor upon kill

New Affix Idea No.2
-Drops higher jewels (flawless square and up to some point, not highest tiers).

- +50% Mf/gf buff, works like shrine but lasts longer and can stack with the mf/gf shrine as well.

-A rare affix that, when the last enemy is killed, spawns a portal to a special challenge
dungeon, or drops an item that, when broken, spawns a super challenging unique creature that actually drops awesome gear (like just 60+lvl items, act 1 would be 60+, act 2 61+, act 3 62+, act 4 63lvl items only).

New Affix Idea No.3
Professor/Engineer: Higher chance to drop blacksmith plans/jeweler designs.
Forgiving: Fully repair your gear upon defeat.
Salvager: Drops crafting materials in accordance to the current difficulty level (Including Brimmstones if found on Inferno)

New Affix Idea No.4:
Corruption: X% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 offensive affix of the elite they just defeated (For example, Mortar when player attack or Molten, etc.)

Blessing: X% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 defensive affix of the elite they just defeated (For example, Extra Health or Fast)

New Affix Idea No.5:

Credits: ShadowStarr5

Nephalem: This only appears on Uniques and Very hard affix elites(1.2% chance of appearing?)

When you defeat all the monsters you receive a 2 min buff that stops(or reduces by 50% if that's too OP) the consumption of your toon's resource. this Cannot be stacked and obtaining another buff overrides this buff

Conviction: Upon defeat of elites you receive a 200sec buff that creates an aura around your character that reduces the monsters' resists and armor( kinda like Mephisto in D2)
2% chance appearance

Virulence: a 2 min buff that grants 15% increased dmg to elites and champs(goes away upon defeat of next elite/champ pack) 1% chance appearance

Corruption: 1.8% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 offensive affix of the elite they just defeated

Blessing: 1.4% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 defensive affix of the elite they just defeated

Intimidation: 1.2% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 CC of the elite they just defeated

Treasure Troll: upon defeat of a treasure goblin you have .01% chance to spawn a "Treasure Troll"This troll will fight back but drop better quality loot and a .5% chance of dropping a set or unique item. the troll will also have affixes( only teleport, extra life, and shielding) will do 10% extra dmg than normal mobs.

Idea to instead give a bonus upon defeating an already existing negative affix:

Credits: Zinqf

How about this? Applying a positive effect to each party member for each affix on the defeated elite/champ pack.

Molten - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Blazing Path" which causes the ground you walk over to burn for 50% weapon damage as fire to enemies.

Plagued - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Plague Aura" which damages enemies within 12 yds of your character for 10% weapon damage as poison to enemies.

Arcane - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Arcane Power" which increases your damage dealt by 20%.

Fast - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Sprint" which increases your run speed by 25%.

Knockback (DH/WD/Wizard) - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Forceful Impact" which allows attacks a 10% chance to knockback.

Knockback (Monk/Barb) - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Crushing Impact" which allows attacks a 5% chance to immobilize.

Vortex - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Stand your ground" which reduced crowd control effects on you by 35% (If this puts you over 100%, it will be 100%).

Waller - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Transparent" which will allow you to walk through monsters or objects that have collision. (Won't be able to walk through anything you couldn't 'teleport' through.)

Missile Dampening - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Time Shift" which increases your attack speed by 25%. (This does not stack with Frenzy Shrine)

Mortar - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Explosive Mess" which causes any kills to explode for 75% weapon damage as fire.

Desecration - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Fire Resistance" which increases your fire resistance by 100 + 20% (Of max fire resistance).

Fire Chains - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Blaze Tether" which creates a tether between any other players or followers with this buff active. The range is 42 yds. Any monster touching the tether will take 40% weapon damage every 0.5 seconds.

Nightmarish (WD/DH/Wiz) - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Aura of Terror" which pulsates a fear effect every 15 seconds in a 24yd radius that lasts for 2 seconds.

Nightmarish (Monk/Barb) - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Have no fear" which causes any foe damaged by your attacks to be unable to flee for 10 seconds. (This affects the AI behind running away. Normal Fear effects still work)

Invulnerable Minions - For 15 seconds you gain the buff "Invincible" which literally prevents you from taking any damage from any source. If you are in single player, the buff will apply itself to your follower for 5 minutes.

Shielding - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Improvised Aegis". While the buff is active you take 25% less damage. (This does not stack with Protective Shrine's effect.

Vampiric - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Vampirism" which increases your Life Steal by 25% (difficulty modifiers still affect this so Inferno is 5%).

Extra Health - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Battle Orders" which increases your total health by 20%.

Horde - For 2 minutes you gain the buff "Allied Power" which increases your damage by 10% for each other player or follower in your group. (So 10% for single player, 10% for 2 players, 20% for 3 and 30% for 4).

Avenger - Increases your magic and gold find by 25% for 2 minutes. (This does not stack with Fortune Shrine)

Health Link - Health, Resource and Durability of gear is healed to full. (Yes, this repairs your gear.)

I did a quick compilation of Idea, if you feel like your idea is missing, or that credit should be given, feel free to Post in this topic (as I will check it really often) and I'll make sure to update it with any pertinent information.

Let's keep this going guy! We know that almost 99% of the forum base want this to happen. Let ourselves be heard! Bump! Sticky! Like! Post! Improve!
First! It's a great idea! And bring back elite shrines and movement shrines!
Positive Monster affix idea - not sure if suggested already, but 3000 posts is a lot to search through:

Bovine: Enemies are poleaxe wielding cows a la D2

Because that would be awesome, that's why
New thread!!! Keep the positive feedback.

Why do the blues have nothing to say on this idea, even when the community is CLEARLY excited about it.

To the blues: Why wouldn't this work? Why would it work? Where the **** are you on these forums?
I think is awesome what you all are trying to do, not so sure if blizzard is going to care...besides, isn´t this their job? good luck anyways and i wish u the best with all your ideas, they all seam great!

Keep the great ideas coming
ok i think that at all else you should add the positive affixes to defeating those special elite types such as molten, arcane, etc. thats a genius idea!
Nice +1
This is also my idea, would work well with yours.
Best idea i've seen so far +1
These threads made me make my first post on this forum. Lol.

Never log in and post but have to +1

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