Lag death

Thanks for fixing those servers all day yesterday.

haha.. you got jay'd
Um yea.

Because there's no possible way in hell it had anything at all to do with your equipment, or your internet connection. That was all working 100% as efficiently as possible. Any possible hardware issue has (just HAS) to be a deliberate and intentional conspiracy planted by Jay Wilson and Blizzard to upset you and make your character die.


Chalk up another garbage thread.
Actually, I am on a state of the art desktop I built explicitly for Diablo 3 and I have the fastest internet connection available in my area. It wasn't on my end.
I also had to upgrade to run D3.

And 'high speed' internet connection is probably one of the most vague statements that an internet provider can use.

Could it have been blizzard- maybe. Could it have been your computer- maybe. Could it have been your internet service provider- maybe. It could have been alot of things- maybe.

But you can not say for certain- nobody can- that this problem is 100% Blizzards.

Just like they can't say for certain- nobody can- that this problem is 100% NOT their fault.

Roll another one, man. That's all you can do.
Desktop you built for D3... hahaha

Common bro

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