How I justify video games to my wife

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You guys are way over thinking this...just tell them "It's what keeps me from KILLING you" :D
Your first mistake was assuming that the rules of logic, reason or math of any kind apply when dealing with women. If they "feel" like you are wasting your time playing "that dumb game" no fun vs cost formula is going to change their mind.
throw in the cost of running your pc

I can't tell if I'm more concerned about the mysogyny, the ignorance, or the trolling.

Frankly, it's actually normal for someone to be concerned that your hobby is unhealthy if it appears to be unhealthy, and to voice that concern, which would (naturally) lead to you defending that hobby. This can be a perfectly rational, calm conversation where one or more people become educated; I know, I've had this conversation.

Communication is good in a relationship, and if you have to ask, "Who's wearing the pants?" you need a swift kick in them.
Provide her with an examples of a good in game visual aids.

1. Go fight a difficult mob (wife) that brings your health level down. We will call the health bar your relationship.

2. Don't use any heal potions (booze) to artificially bring up the health.

3. Relax in town (the game) away from the mob (the wife) until the health bar (relationship) increases.

4. After a long session of playing, visit the AH (local mall) to gear up for another rewarding session in game without getting wiped by the mob (angry wife).

There will also be times when you have to deal with a difficult encounter with insurmountable ill effects (her family in a surprise visit). Expect that you will not be left unscathed and have plenty of health potions (booze) to get you through.
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Communication is good in a relationship, and if you have to ask, "Who's wearing the pants?" you need a swift kick in them.

Good one! I'm reminded of an old counter point to the "I'm wearing the pants" argument. Yes, you're wearing the pants and her the dress. Now if you wish to see that dress come off, you better forget about who thinks they are in charge of the situation. You might just wind up spending the night with those pants on.
If you have to justify your hobby to your spouse, it's time for some marriage counseling.
You also don't get shot by derpy the clown opting to stay home.
you forgot to add in fuel costs, food costs, time lost travelling, etc.

Makes movies even > ev
my solution was to get rid of the wife.

She would work a full time job, then work a part time job 3 times a week, one night a week was out with her friends "girls night out" and when she got home I always turned the games off to spend time with her.

I found it ridiculous that she had anything to say about how I spent my time to have fun when she wasn;'t home.

Her ultimatum of "it's either me or the games" backfired on her horribly as I thought it as ridiculous as me saying to her "it is either me or you friends...or your part time job".
but people normally watch a movie for 2 hours and then go back to real life. maybe hit the gym, socialize with some people, go outside for a while, run some errands.

gamers neglect all things in their life and hide at the computer desk all day and night.

you can't rationalize 300+ hours playing a video game in a couple of months no matter how hard you try. you're a loser. just admit it.
(Time Entertained)/(Price for Entertainment) = (Entertainment Value) is good, but you didn't include some other relevant formulas....

(Bored Wife)*TE=(New Boyfriend)
TE*(Time Spent Alone)=(Loss of Social Skills)
NB*LSS=(Increased Internet !@#$)
IIP*LSS=(Peeping Tom)
PT*TE=(Jail Time)
I have linked this to my facebook. Let this become a legendary thread for all men trying to explain their addiction to games.

A computer game is just an interactive TV show with different endings.
I am going to try this. Thank you sir. Also made me laugh.
Sadly, this wont work on GFs or wives.

math = logic ≠ girls

Except that my wife has her degree in applied mathematics.
Ofc its entertainment, its a hobby, and its much much cheaper than other hobbies. But just show her D3 and she'll be like "WTF ZOMGZ IMA GAMER NOW JUST FROM SEEING THIS AWESOME B0NN3R MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Holy crap this is brilliant.
Your wife can't brag to her friends about the great catch you are and the fancy house and the new mink stole she has nested if you are playing video games 24/7.
Get out there and earn more make/ provide a better life for her.

OR.. become single

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