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Hi there I have a game breaking issue.

I can log in to diablo 3 / browse the auction house and see my friends list as well as chat with ppl fine. But when i try to enter a game I get stuck on the loading screen for 2-3 minutes then I get booted back to the character screen with "Network Disconnect : the game connection with the server has been lost"

My internet is working fine on my browser as well as other games like world of warcraft. I have tried the port forwarding suggestions mentioned in other threads as well as plugging the cable directly to my laptop instead of using wireless. Nothing seems to help. I use to be able to kill the agent.exe in task manager nd that would let me join few gmes before i had to repeat the process.. but even that doesnt work now and I cant enter any game at all

Need a solution to this so I can play properly.
any blizzard employee can help ?
Hi there I'm getting the same thing but with mine the whole client is not responding. Is there anything that can be done about this Blizzard!

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