respect time for patching is a huge thing ?

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we get it that the maintenance needs like 2 hours more ,when you say something to someone first and you fail reaching that person at that time they will be ok I ll forgive you , but next time it needs to be at the exact time ,why would you post a time that the patch will be finished if your not respecting the community ? and the retrieving heroes aint working bc theres no patch updating from the client that might be the problem ,anywayz we need to wait longer then 10 hours thats ok keep going ,but respect the timing for updates when you say something at least keep your words.
I didn't deleted this!
Problems happen nothing's perfect.
07/31/2012 01:32 PMPosted by Razv92n
we get it

Every post within the last 1/2 hour has had this line in it.

Clearly you don't get it if you're making the thread.

!@#$ happens, grow up.
07/31/2012 01:34 PMPosted by VulgarPower
The server is up you just cant get your hero list jeez what more do you guys want??

Dear D3 players,

Our servers are up, however you can not retrieve your heroes....... Which means you can't play the game...... BUT servers are up! (:

what did you post then?
wow i jsut bought this game 2 weeks ago....was this a mistake...
I've waited all day waiting for nothing and now even if it comes back up I can't even play
Would be better if they just went and said they'd need 12 hours, and then have the servers up an hour or two earlier... *shrug*
wow and i just bought this game, I think i'll just call my credit card company to dispute the charges =/
The part that's funny is that this isn't maintenance for Diablo 3 it's for Starcraft 2.

Which means we share servers with Starcraft 2... Isn't that professional?
They just updated like 2 minutes said up and now it says down

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