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Commanded his own hordes of demons. His armor makes you lust for blood and control its a great book and since it's in the lore why doesnt bartuc have some armor sets? An assassin claw?
Well there certainly couldn't be a set dedicated to him.. we can't have our heroes becoming a demonic tyrant now, can we?
he has assasin claw in d2
also the armor was controling the main character in the book (except for some parts where the main character had control,and the end).
mind my french. Whats canon?

Bartuc could have had a set? Why not its in the world of diablo? Lol.

A crimson plate, crimson gloves and some ruby red leather boots.

Bartuc The Bloody pwns JOOZ
Take the book you're talking about, for example.. creates some pretty huge plot holes vs the games/instruction books.
So which takes precedence?
Are these books TRULY canon?
Yes. They are. The guideline is that if anything conflicts between canon stories, the more recent takes precedent.

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mind my french. Whats canon?

Can basically just means official. For example, The Sin War trilogy is canon, because it was made under the supervision of Blizzard and is officially part of Diablo lore. But a piece of fanfiction, which theoretically could become canon, should not be taken as officially part of Diablo lore.

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Bartuc could have had a set? Why not its in the world of diablo? Lol.
The reason why Bartuc could not have a set is because the wearer becomes possessed with Bartuc, potentially fully succumbing to his spirit and being a reincarnation of the Warlord of Blood.
I understand ty for explainging.
Bartuc, and his brother Horazon, are mentioned in the D2 LOD game guide in the Assassin class section. Bartuc's story is expanded on in the Legacy of Blood novel.
Bartuc was more than just mentioned in Diablo 2. The demonic council in Kurast, one of the demons names just happens to be Bartuc the Bloody
I think a Bartuc set would be amazing. Minus one piece. In the books another person had the helm while the main character wore the rest of the armor.
Think of using this as a basis.


The wearer was able to summon demons and use other magic. Bartuc was also a war lord. With the new smart loot system 2.0... the items would just really need some flavor. Gloves give automatic increased attack speed, boots increased movement (how the armor drug him across the continent to find the rest of the armor), Chest Automatically has +Vit 500-700 for example

(2) +250 to Str, Int, Dex, Vit
(3) Gain +2000 life / hit
(4) A chance to summon a demon(s) to fight by your side for a limited time

The characters name constantly reappears inside Sanctuary.. even inside the new rifts. One is even named Bartuc's... may as well go with it, add some flavor.

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