Can't install Diablo 3 with Mountain Lion Mac

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I have an i7 2.66 mbp 6,2 and I also just upgraded to ML 10.8.3. At first Diablo 3 would not launch for me either, just like the rest of the post on here. It either kept crashing without any useful error messages or got stuck at the initializing stage.

My steps to solve the issue:

1) check in the Diablo 3 folder for this path: InspectorReporter/ReportedBugs/[latest date]
2) open the D3Debug.txt file and read through the first section to see where the launch process failed. In my case it was failing to open a specific file:

[0] err=4 text=Posix Open (13) - Data_D3/PC/MPQs/base/d3-update-base-15295.mpq
2013.03.21 12:31:42.292181779 ERROR: OpenMpq - Failed to open: Data_D3\PC\MPQs\base\d3-update-base-15295.mpq, 2012

3) I deleted that identified file and I also deleted the /Users/Shared/ and /Users/Shared/Blizzard folders

4) I ran the Diablo III again and it went through the process very quickly since I already had 99.9% of the files (just point the installation to the same directory as you had before).

5) problem solved

Hope this helps anyone running into the same problem
It still isnt working FYI your client is !@#$ FIX IT
The game has stopped working since I upgraded to a new iMac with Mountain Lion 10.8.3. First I could not update the game to 10.0.7a. Then I downloaded the new Diablo 3 Client and the update went well.

Still, the game wont load. I get to stare at the beach ball cursor and the game never launches. I would appreciate if you fixed this ASAP!
This sounds like a similar issue where a bad Diablo III.mfil file was cause issues. Can you try deleting that to see if it works Pelicashka? This is located in the D3 directory.

Also, do you ever get any crash reports that have a long string of letters and numbers?
Thank you, Machkhan. I've tried that but it still doesn't work. I am getting the "initialising" prompt and then " cannot download the required file, check your Internet connection". No specific crash reports or anything like that.
The solution for me was to change the BSD file permissions on the installer after unzipping it. Blizzard's installer was no help at all in identifying the problem.

If you are having this trouble you can try opening the permissions on the file by doing this from the terminal:

unzip the client file you get from
sudo chmod -R 777 ~/Downloads/Diablo\ III\

then try running the installer.
CTorpor, this usually happens when you use a third party unzipper. You should be using Achive Utility to unzip the files as it keeps permissions intact. This can be manually selected by right clicking the ZIP file and choosing Open With and selecting Archive Utility. You may need to do this if you have Stuffit Expander installed.
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