Selling softcore gold. $2nzd/m

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Moving to hardcore and selling my softcore gold.

Current price $2 / mil.

Accept only bank deposit, I am using national bank.

Would like to build up a reputation as well, I hope to buy and sell hardcore stuff after I reach lvl 60 in HC.

Edit: feel free to add me in-game Delt#1565 and verify I have the gold.
Thx for buying, plz comment if thats ok, increase my reputation.

60M left.
Still selling gold?
isnt the price on RMAH $0.25/mill?
This post is pretty old, Wazz.
*backs out quietly :P
how many pages did you have to scroll to find this artefact?
freestyler is keen to buy @ $2 per million lol

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