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Updated to Mountain Lion, D3 cannot be loaded. Requested authority to do changes, but nothing was done.

In short, i cant start my D3 with my ML.
same things happen here... my launcher keep 'INITIALizing..' forever... any solution?
i have se same trouble, i try to modify the parameters of security (firewall)
nothing !!! :s
It has been 6 DAYS and still not been fixed!!

any solutions out there just not works on ML!! <-- this worked for me, in case anyone else wants to try
We're working to resolve the issues, but for now, you may want to try Iowang's solution or this as well:
works for me...
Fine Works for me too.. =D
same goes here... any idea anything worng?
This is an old thread. Can we create a new thread about your specific issue WILSONKHR? There has been a couple of patches since the last report.

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