Had enough of pointless deaths

3rd HC died today, from disconnection.
Level 50 barb

This is my 4th HC death, and only one was my own fault.
The others were from disconnections and lag.

I'm playing from Singapore and maybe the connection is just bad out here from Asia, but this is getting sickening. Total of about 70 hours on my HC characters all down the drain because of reasons outside my own control.

I'm done with HC until they allow an offline mode or something.
Good luck to the rest, may the Gods of Lag spare you
If I lived in Singapore, I'm not sure I would play hardcore, either. However, I live in the States and have only had 1 disconnect in my ~300 hours of HC playtime.
Regardless where you live you should not get frequent disconnects or you should change your isp (if that is possible). If the "disconnect" is due to a blizz server crash then your char shouldn't die. Real problem is server overload (comms or games) causing severe lag w/o any warning.
And you have to watch your latency, in Singapore you are not so lucky to get the 40-60 latency many americans get - let me guess your best latency would be around 120-150? Personally as soon as latency goes beyond 300 I stop playing hc and wait for better times - good latency for me is below 250, the bad luck (only for playing "online" game on american base server) of living in Australia.
Death is inevitable. In fact, I have yet to see HELL. I guess that is good. Hell can wait while I am still in heaven killing wretched mothers. :)
i just thought i wld die in a glorious battle instead of this.....

this video best expresses how i feel

i dont think its ISP issue, im from sg too.
while playing with my frens,l using diff ISP, our chat via skpye is working fine, but still got rubberband/lag issue

rubberbanding/lag is mainly caused by comms or games server overload
but disconnects are:
1. games server crashes in which case the server cannot record a death OR
2. comms server crashes while games server still runs - have to ask blizz what they do in those cases (guess that doesn't happen often) OR
3. pipe from your isp to blizz gets broken (eg repeater failure on transpacific cable) OR
4. your ISP OR
5. connection from your place to ISP OR
6. (intermittent) error on your equipment

The most likely causes are 4 and 6.
3 happens very rarely, in the last 5 years I know of three occasions it affected to me
5 has happened to me a few times because my ADSL2+ connection goes via old telco infrastruture and the capability of the wires to carry signals to the needed quality can be affected by heavy rain - but I doubt that would be the case in Singapore

Take your pick but death of a hardcore character due to disconnect cannot really be blamed on blizz (except perhaps for the reason that the game has to be played online).
in PoE your hardcore character immediately leaves the game when you d/c.

it feels much more fair when you come back and your character is still alive in the hc league. even with instant leaves upon d/c you can still die, and it's ONLY because of your own fault/your build doesn't work well in that situation.
Man, I actually mind deaths to disconnects a lot less than deaths of my own fault. I've got 4 dead level 60's now and like you, only one was my own fault, and that one hurts WAY worse than knowing I couldn't do anything about it.

Part of hardcore is the understanding that you're going to die to a disconnect eventually. I mean it kind of sucks but if you just work towards good levelling gear and streamline that process, it's eh... Whatever. I know 0-60 is typically 7-9 hours for me now, and I don't over gear anyone, so death is just a small annoyance, not the end of the world.

But the trade off is SO nice. A great economy, actual accomplishment to progress through, I dunno. I feel for ya because I've lost so many to DCs, and if you can't handle that, then that's too bad. Understandable, but a shame to lose a HC player at any rate. Good luck in SC though!
I also live in Singapore and there is no lag and I connect to the US server.

Not that makes any real difference.

Sometimes I do get some slowness, but then I quit the game and try another day.
I'm from singapore too, I don't think the lag is from our ISPs cos i have friends from all different ISPs and all of them are experiencing the same problem. Our ping were alway constantly on 200-300 or more.

There is never a time that we can see our ping less than 200. About the lag spike it is forever there for every 30-40mins. It is already hard to even play the Normal mode let alone for the HC mode.
would u be happier if u got pked? =)
08/02/2012 02:38 AMPosted by MephistoX
Death is inevitable. In fact, I have yet to see HELL. I guess that is good. Hell can wait while I am still in heaven killing wretched mothers. :)

MMhmm. Ltp.Getting to level 60 in hardcore is the easiest thing ever. You have to play softcore and learn the game first though or you will be just another noob that thinks he knows how to play D3 just because he's playing HC. Also lag is not an issue untill inferno.. Really guys you can't stay idle for 10 sec in elite fights in hell?Wtf really? Start playing softcore asap
as the guy above says, if you're under level 60 and can't get beat on for at least 10sec and not die, you need to gear up/level up more for the content.
I certainly don't think that's the case. My current Inferno character with 700 resist all and 45k health will die in 10 seconds of a desecrator pool in hell. Call noob if you like but bottom line, 700 resist all and 45k life on a 60 dies in that in 10 seconds, so I'm not sure how a 52 with 300 resist all should be expected to live.
08/02/2012 04:55 AMPosted by TheDutchMan
Seems like an ISP issue, as stated above. I get plenty of mini-lag spikes (be they tiny rubber bands or maybe 1 second "freezes") but I don't DC *knocks on wood*.

i didn't have any either for about 200 hours of gametime, or maybe I didn't notice.

Now I have them about once every 50 hours I'd say and its incredibly frustrating.

Seemingly has nothing to do with my connection, graphics, etc. because it doesn't happen in graphics intensive areas and changing those settings doesn't do anything, and nothing has changed about my connection. It works fine for everything else and is still chugging along fine while D3 is booting me.

Clearly there is something going on on their end also.
08/01/2012 11:41 PMPosted by MattZed
If I lived in Singapore, I'm not sure I would play hardcore, either. However, I live in the States and have only had 1 disconnect in my ~300 hours of HC playtime.

I don't believe this B.S. for one minute.

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