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Ha, Act III Keywarden claims another mortal.

Was this Inferno or Hell with +MP?
I'm back!
Welcome back sjwt - as I mentioned in game, read up on the risks of the KeyWardens to low level HC chars as you rebuild yet another TankWiz in 1.0.5.

My prime (WD) has just graduated to Inferno Act II. Was a little worried about the butcher then proceeded to get a brief butchering (under 2 mins)! No risk of enrage there then!
I had been mucking around farming (got some good stuff) and despite being tired decided to push through tonight.
Now decision time: do I invest and progress the others or push through my prime further into Inferno....
Just survived a D/C with the WD in Act I
Up against a champion mob of ghostly gravediggers in one of the cemetary crypts with Waller/Desecrator/Avenger/?vortex? and I think I had got rid of the 1st one when it kicked me off so the other two would have been hitting harder.
Not a super dangerous affix combo but waller and desecrator may have made it difficult for my pets to protect me.

Thank you Kormac and Garg and Leeching Dogs.
41k Life, 3400 armour, average 475 resists, no LoH, 817 life regen.
Bondye (plvl6) lives to fight another day.

Have been farming Act I for regen gear because he was a little fragile in Act II with no regen or LoH (I know, how had he survived this long with neither?).

Thanks TDA101 for the Inferno standard gear donations. Unfortunately I'm working all weekend so I won't get much chance to try them out yet. Have done a little bit of equipment swapping so they will start showing up when the profiles update.
Smurfynz, I added you but don't bother giving me any gear, it seems I wouldn't last long enough to be able to use it. Case in point: three deaths since my last post, all in Act 1/2 Normal.
Hey all recently pinged level 60 barb, running around act 1 inferno just trying to build up gold and perhaps find some upgrades.

I dont like to !@#$ about

add me
Well, did some act II progression and the WD is into ZK's archives. Nearly bought the farm tonight in VotA as I was suffering from the dreaded wife in the ear interference when I came up against a double pull elite. Been using Sorceress throughout Act II.

Did some farming runs with Alvis @ co.
Getting some good drops but been a while since I've seen a legendary :(

Squibidyflop benefitted from my bulging stash and has made some good progress on the monk and wd with a bit of decent gear to help along. Good on you.
did ubers mp5 tonight. went well...except that i got 0/3 organs...
and went 1/9 for organs... sigh
still iso my first hellfire ring.

hopefully other HC aussies are having better luck than I am.
Farewell Mercutio the level 30 monk.

Keep depths level 2 normal, minutes after hitting level 30, crashed through a door into a pack of maniacs. Boom.


Hello Malvolio the level 1 monk.
Smurfynz gave me two kickass weapons for me and my templar, just after I hit 50 and killed azmodan on NM. Took me from 1600 damage to 6600! Hopefully I'll last long enough to pay him back for some of it.
my first hellfire ring :) not bad
pretty much a perfect all class levelling ring. except for the arcane res. but im pretty happy with it.

hopefully everyone else has some luck when they try!

Congrats fubar. I find Arcane res is the most useful for low level (NM) progression so it's not a completely wasted stat.

I got my 1st key drop (ActII KW on MP0) this weekend, still a long way from thinking about trying for a ring.

In related news, Bondye has just downed Ghom. Still proving you can roll with no LoH or Life Steal and not very much life regen, deep into Inferno MP0.
Almost bought it chasing a goblin in Keep Depths 2 (I know, I know, you were doing what? yes, I was goblin chasing in keep L2).
hey, just starting in the hardcore world. Making a WD now if anyone wants to level together.

Farewell Mercutio the level 30 monk.

Keep depths level 2 normal, minutes after hitting level 30, crashed through a door into a pack of maniacs. Boom.


Hello Malvolio the level 1 monk.

Love the names. Gogo The Bard.
Huzza! Just like to report that Diablo Inferno Hardcore has been defeated!!!

And with non other than my Witch Doctor, JinX. Thanks for all the support, gear sharing and MF runs. The HC player community kicks all kind of !@#!

Keep it up chaps!!
Im aussie (ACT) and play a bit of hc. problem is i dont use ah and like messing with mp10. usually ends badly. :/

Good to see so many having fun. SC players seem to whine a lot.
DH is through Act 1 Inferno comfortably.
Finally settled on a build that I find enjoyable.
Found some cheapish firewalkers for her and in combination with evasive fire, it is working as a de-facto trail of cinders. :)
Double aid station sentries (and 1600 regen) let me stand in a desecrator pool with reflect damage and as long as I'm shooting for LoH, health pool hardly drops.

Barb(ie) next.
+Edit - Barb through to Act II comfortably.
++Edit - And so is the Wiz (not quite as comfortable but was playing distracted some of the time)
Oops, RIP NilremIII.

Dumbass me.
Was swapping gear back to my WD (wiz had been borrowing it) so Wiz was naked except for 2 damn good life on hit rings, 950dps sword, a nice helm and shield.
Resumed game at start of Desolate Sands (he was doing Act II progression) and got swarmed by a white mob of vile swarm. Dead in 2 hits.


Oh, well, re-rolled as "Ancano".

On a positive note, at least the gear had been swapped back and he had nothing valuable in his inventory.
my wd is into para 8, had few close calls but spirit vessel hasnt procced yet.

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