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Got up to inferno on my wizard on HC but decided that I only wanted it at level 60, so I created a barb and am intending to try and finish inferno with him. Playing self found gear only because it's more fun and more of a challenge, and at the moment I'm smashing through act 1 nightmare at level 34 with no signs of being close to dying yet.

Totally my fault, ReaVer (WD) & Alvis (Monk) had no chance to save Thundress (60Plvl3).

Re-rolling in the morning.
Running my first HC character, currently lev 54 monk almost at the end of Act 1 Hell game. Played solo till now and probs will do so until I hit lev 60. Or maybe not...

Enjoy MP and can hold my own. Add me if you want: Dallo#6408.

I'm a slow typist and would prefer a skype hookup whilst playing. Not necessary, but for mine makes for a better experience.

Hi guys, playing a Bab with mediocre gear. Paragon level 6

I exclusively play hardcore, add me Welcomerain#1599
Welcome to the ANZ group Welcomerain. We had a good run tonight through acts 2,3,4 Normal, your wiz and my re-rolling barb, MP4 from after Act III KW.
Despite my horrendous lag issues through act IV including red meter for most of Diablo fight, we survived.
Have you seriously not played a wiz since June or have you lost some that you haven't archived?
Hey Smurfy. Yea we had a good run there! Yup haven't played a Wiz since June. I only recently got back into D3 after 1.05. Need to brush up on the skills.
hey guys, im up for teaming aswell, from sydney here, got a 60 barb and a 60 wizard, barb is heavily geared and can tank very well! rebelz #6798 add me who evers interested
i am in, Four#6586
I'm done.
Circe died (rare circumstance of lag!), and I realized that I cannot be shagged starting a new player.

Playing Borderlands 2 now (LOADS of fun), if anyone wants to look me up via steam the_maladjusted.

Cheers all, and may your deaths be few and far between.
Hi all

Started a hc Barb the other night, is now 30

If anyone is keen for some leveling go ahead and add me Ninyth#1950
Crazy day, so far I've found these in 5 half runs:





and this one a bit later

Balefire Caster

Danettas and Skorn in same game. Best 5 runs ever, Big Daddy Wilson doubled it for me i think.

Running A3 mp0 150%mf with nv, catapults, keep 1 & 3, Bridge and Cydae.

I'm always down for co-op just pm in game.
nice last 4 days found 2 ik boots, ik belt,litany ring, nats chest and whole lot of junk legs yesterday did like 6 runs of act 3 and got no legs lol.
lowfi #1433
Note to self, do not quickly take the dog out for a piss whilst leaving HC unattended...oh we'll only a low lvl re-roll thankfully. Will go back to progressing my new barb.
just started a HC monk. will be interesting to see how differently i gear/skill her to my SC monk.

if anyone has a LOW level character feel free to add me
Hagen (51 DH) had a near miss last night - climbing the spire in NM, got to Leah. Placed 2 sentries, third wouldn't place - said it wasn't ready when the timer had refreshed. Oops, disconnect due to iinet dropout. 10 seconds later and i would have converted Leah to the Aspect of Terror before the dropout. I've spent the 12 hours downtime wondering if the was any chance i'd tapped Leah before dropping the third sentry ... but no - Hagen lives to fight another day.

Would have been my first DC death ...

In other news, Devante the witch doctor hit 60 the other day. I ground out the last level and a half in hell terminus at MP3 or so. I guess since i am using the AH in HC everythings a bit easier, but it still feels like a minor triumph. Closest call was in the sewers around level 52 or so, when a waller/arcane/? something had me running for my life, spirit walk and pots on cool down, screen flashing red, chased back to the exit. Wheeee!
Congrats on the maiden 60 robbie!
Another fellow aussi keen to get in on some co-op action. Got a few people about currently but the more the merrier. Monks work too well in groups not to make it happen.

Hi guys

Are there some people in this thread doing ubers and keyfarming? Really keen to get that ring but I'm probably only on MP1-MP3 level.
Woohoo, after countless hundreds of hours of D3 gameplay, HC and SC, I got my very first set item drop this morning, right at the start of my A3MP0 run in Keep Depths L3, 1st elite I hit, right by the waypoint dropped a below-averagely-rolled Danetta's spite (1h xbow).

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