WTS 242% Gold Find GF set for DH w/ Weapon

Hi guys, I built a big GF set for my demon hunter for gold farming in hell. This isn't a set to even peek your nose into Inferno with (though many of the pieces are worthy of it). I'm asking 8 million for everything.

Doing Crypt of the Ancients runs (Talk to Alleric quest) in hell was returning roughly half a mil per hour with little trouble, or if you want literally zero risk, aren't used to a DH or whatever, I tested some Act III runs in Nightmare and showed a very surprising 350k per hour (ON NIGHTMARE!!!??? Yep!)

Stats are here: http://i.imgur.com/fL0xI.png
I realize that life, resists and armor seem a little low, but again, in Hell they're totally fine.

Gear is here: http://i.imgur.com/14grR.png
(the Templar gear is on the right and comes with some rando cold weapon to slow crap)

Some of the key reasons for the asking price are that I paid WELL over a million for the Amulet, the shoulders and the pants. Bracers were nearly a million thanks to freaking crit chance inflation, and the gems cost me around 600k.

Honestly, I've just grinded quite enough gold and am ready for progressions runs through Act III. I'll be online for 30 minutes and then again at about this time tomorrow. For anyone really wanting to troll this post, at least try pricing the items out first and see, I'm not asking for anything unreasonable here, but 15% auction cut is steep at this level.

Cheers everybody!
I think you may have more luck selling the lot of it on the AH. I'm not going to look up the individual prices to see if it's even worth that much, but your target audience is a player that cannot farm inferno and has 8m+ lying around. Not a large demographic I'm afraid.
And I may actually need to do so, though I feel like it's fairly common for people to lose enough 60's and get irritated and want something safe, easy, and very profitable that they can just sit and watch TV while doing. I know that's certainly why I got into it in the first place, but I'm just too impatient :)
Ill check out gear in a couple hours when i have access to a pc
nevermind, checked out gear. youd be lucky if u got 800k for all that, not including the gems.

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