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Hey guys. Just hit 52 today on my wd, hoping to get 60 within the next few days and have a couple of questions. I've been buying some gear for when I get Max lvl focusing on mana regen on helm main hand and oh, cc, int (obviously), vit, about 750 loh, and all Res. I feel like I'm neglecting critical damage, my question to you is, how much CD do you have? Will the 70% or so on the main hand gem be enough? Or should I focus some pieces into more? Any help is much appreciated :)

Also, I've been looking around the forums for zombie bear builds, and the acid rain/zombie bear build looks pretty fun. How do you feel about this one? If you don't like it, what do you use?

Thanks in advance!
With my initial PROC Acid rain/Bears build I had about 130% crit dmg and a dps of only 13k.
I've since traded some of the crit dmg to raise my dps. (dps =18k, CD about 50%)
Comparing the 2, I like the higher dps. Ideally I would also like the crit dmg as well, but the gold stash indicates otherwise.
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when you get bears to crit to over 300k, everything below a4 becomes 1shot

Whites, sure, assuming that you win the coin flip and actually crit. Blues and yellows not so much.

As far as the OP's question goes, it basically comes down to this: once you start pushing crit chance, you need to start pushing crit damage to get the most out of the crit chance upgrades. You'll want to prioritize crit damage and a socket on the weapon, as you can get far more crit damage there than you can anyplace else. After that, you work it onto your amulet, gloves and rings as costs and tradeoffs permit.
get your crit chance high enough that you crit often then having more crit dmg makes a huge difference to your dps

especially on bears

imagine having 3 bears all criting for over 280k each on the same target
yeah i'm actually doing just fine with this build. With 65k unbuffed dps, 49% chance with scoundrel ( used to be 51% but less int) My crit is around 350->400 k dmg PER BEAR. I can kill most pack in act 3 under 10s ( more like 5). Check out my profile i'm still upgrading but i will stick with this build. The only problem is any map in act 3 that has too many birds and kiting mobs. The Key is to get to a corner to spam bear in A ROW .
Sorry for my English Im not a native speaker.
* : i'm pretty sure I can 2-shot any champion pack in act 1

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