Infinite Tempest Rush Build

What this is: Incredibly FUN build for nightmare/hell gold farming or powerleveling. Great movement speed and AOE damage output where everything just melts around you.

What this is NOT: a viable farm or even progression build for Inferno. In inferno, there's just too many mob affixes that can vortex/nightmare/jailer/knockback and interrupt Tempest Rush channeling and force you to recast TR and waste precious spirit.


The skills I finally settled on:!Udb!acbYYZ

Spirit regen:
>2 spirit regen on 2handed weapon
>2 spirit regen on head piece
3 spirit from circular breathing mantra
3 spirit when you have 3 stacks up on sweeping wind
2.5 spirit from guardian's path

EQUALS a MASSIVE 12.5 spirit regen/sec!!

Tempest rush (northern breeeze) channeling costs 8-10 spirit/sec (depends on your attack speed). So your net spirit gain WHILE channeling is 2-4 spirit/sec.

Exalted Soul passive (+100 spirit pool) is pretty key to guarantee that you can cast all your spells at once at the beginning of the fight.

If you're good about keeping your mantra up and casting sweeping winds strategically, you should never run out of spirit. No spirit generator primary attack needed!

Again, this isn't really a viable inferno build. I have gear to farm A3 easily in my normal thunderclap/cyclone build but I found that this build is WAY more effective and faster in hell/nightmare.

I've powerleveled a friend from lvl 30-60 with my A3 farm gear/build and with this Tempest Rush build, and TR is more fun and much faster. You never stop to fight, you just keep running and leave a wake of destruction in your path.

I've tried the build in inferno, since I outgear Act 1 so significantly, I had no problems in A1 but it was not nearly as efficient as thunderclap/cyclone because my damage output is too low (took 15 seconds running around in circles to kill an elite pack instead of just 2 shotting them). In Act II, again damage output was too low, and constant interruption from pack affixes killed this build.

Leave suggestions, comments questions!

"roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi..."
It is fun build, i have done it before to gear up my alt toons at lower levels.

i was drop Exalted Soul for Chant for extra 2 spirit regen.

SW: IS is hard to keep up for the extra 3 SR so that is a touch unreliable, but it turns you into a running SW death machine when plowing through zones lol

it isn't viable in inferno due to the affixes as you mentioned.
tried this before, most of the time for the racing fun that it gives, 25% cap movement speed on gear, and 25% from TR.

I would say it's hard to find a really good daibo with high damage, spirit regen>2, crit/socket, or it would cost tons. and it's not really effective against jailer/molten as you can still get jailed or takes tons of damage from the fire that brings. Plus there will be time when spirit runs out because you have to use other skills to survive too, and they cost spirit, of course getting back spirit is not hard since you can just stop TR and all your spirit is back in 5s.

Overall having some racing fun and help power level or farm gold/gear under inferno is fine, i just dont think it's gonna work in inferno act2 up. I've tried act 1 and finish the whole act in 30-40 mins (literally doing all quests).
08/08/2012 06:17 AMPosted by Mordred
Rubber banding effect kills this, would never bother till its fixed...

Played for 3 hours yesterday, don't think I was rubber banded once. But since this is in nightmare/hell, with 700 resist and 4k armor you're basically invincible anyways even if you get caught.

Note that you can pop any of your skills without interrupting TR (serenity, blinding flash, heal)

08/08/2012 06:09 AMPosted by LilUbo
i was drop Exalted Soul for Chant for extra 2 spirit regen.

I played around with different passive combos-- chant is definitely a good option and easy 2spirt/sec, but I found increasing my spirit pool to 250 with exalted soul made it a lot easier to manage spirit.

With Chant passive, I would regain spirit so fast that I would hit my spirit max (150) even while channeling TR and be forced to cast a skill or just let it go to waste. With exalted soul, I regen spirit a bit slower, but I have a lot more time before I max my spirit pool (and when i do need the spirit, I can cast a lot of stuff before it gets dangerously low).

i have used the build with the same skills set - i would cast BoH:BW and BL:FiL and then SW to maximize SW dmg potential.

it isn't necessary in Hell, but might boost kill speed time in Act 1 inferno, but you would need a spirit generator when you are jailed.
Definitely cast Breath of Heaven:BW and Blinding Light:FiL right before you cast Sweeping wind-- great reminder.

For those who don't know, when you cast sweeping wind, it takes a snapshot of your current weapon damage and that becomes your SW damage. Boosting your weapon damage with BoH/BL before you cast sweeping wind maximizes your weapon damage.
There is a few things u can do to make this build work in inferno act 1 and 2.

the key is to basically replace loh or ls with life per spirit spent.
you can keep a constant 1k+ hp/sec regen from channeling tempest with decent damage output from tempest + sw

I pretty much kept the same skill setup with a few changes to passive.
I had on transcendence, chant of resonance and one with everything.

item wise, i went dual wielding with 2 fists, both had spirit regen and life per spirit spent( you want a combined total of 3.5+/60+)

1 problem i first had was not getting enough spirit regen even at sw max stack. I solved this with a few rarely used legendary items.

Hellcat waistgaurd - a belt that can offer resource regen along with a %bonus to elite packs and it also offers base fire res ( so i stacked fire res)

stone of jordan- again this ring offers resource regen with % bonus against elite packs. It also randoms 1 of few elemental %dmg boost. you can match this with your weps. Since tempest deals wep dmg( which is basically the damage type of your weps)
it also has mf and gf which is pretty nice.

helm, chest and pants i went with inna's set just because its viable and sexy. you can get a decent helm with spirit regen + bonus dmg to SW or spirit per life spent too.

overall build cost about 5mil which wasn't bad for a lil experiment.

ONLY PROBLEM LEFT NOW: I keep getting dc when using tempest..
I tried this a while ago, but It seems as though theres a spirit regen cap.

Also you can run this with an air ally, as it has sweeping with already, so double sweeping wind.
@Acer: I know this is off topic, but is your profile page bugged or something? Otherwise how the f do you have 2100 dex while only getting 867 from gear?
I though tI saw blizzard say something about implementing a Spirit Regen Cap a little while back. Anyone know for sure?

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