Auction ending before stipulated end time

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I'm not sure if this has been reported but i can't find anything on this.

I have tried to last minute bid on two items and used a timer to track the very last minute, however, the auction ended at the end of the 2 minute mark.

It ended 1 minute earlier.

Well, i brushed it aside the first time but it happened again on the next item I wanted to bid back to back.

Can someone confirm they have experienced this as well?
every bid only item ive tracked to the last minute has been pretty much spot on, give or take 2 seconds which could be server lag or personal lag on starting the timer ><
rumor is there's a way to FORCE a buyout on a non-buyout-able auction.

another question, was this item you were watching "highly valuable?" = even more reason to employ the cheat to get it =P
I also can report two issues regarding that post:

First, I have the impression that several of my items have sold for the auction starting price way before the end time of the auction, sometimes only few minutes / hours after placing the auction (like the FORCE buyout Symply13 mentioned). I cannot give evidence, but I've had this impression several times now. I got one ID (725498406) for that it likely happened, I do not recall the older ones.

Second, I just (about 00:35 CEST) checked several auctions that I started this morning. I am perfectly sure that I started them all this morning. Most auctions showed 21 hours, 57 minutes as "time left", as they should. Two auctions, though (guard reprisal, target avenger; I do not know how to find the ID of a running auction; I could give them when the auction finished) displayed 22 Minutes. Upon scrolling up and down, target avenger changed back to 21:57, while guard reprisal remained at 22 minutes. I left the AH and logged back on some minutes later, and everything was back to 21:something as it should.

Probably there is some connection, that people are able to modify the auction time left and therby enforce a buyout?

Edit: It just happened to me again, I started an auction this morning, a few hours later, the item was sold for the starting price of the auction (ID 731287631). This is a serious issue, you should better choose starting price = buyout...
This has happened to me a few time the past 2 days too, where I didn't get a chance to place a bid in the last min. Usually I am accurate to 2 secs.
Last item I was bidding on was: ID 1206400092

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