Gold bot are obvious to us with profiles live

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I know call out threads are banned, so I won't point fingers or even link to the profile aggregating sites that make it clear - but hear me out, fans and devs.

We were promised that the online requirement, while frustrating for individuals, would help create a secure and fair playing environment. Since the launch of the game, the developers have aggressively balanced the game to prevent certain builds or strategies used by legitimate players from gaining economic advantages. And we've all suffered through the lag, disconnects, maintenance, and unplayability due to personal internet issues that came as a result of online-only.

Ideally that would be fine, but the proliferation of gold bots is a huge slap in the face given the tradeoffs legit players are forced to make for the sake of online only. Legitimate players not only have faced nerfs to profitable strategies and builds, but also an economy with spiraling gold inflation because even with online only botters are still prolific and profitable.

Glancing through the 'leaderboards' for number of elites killed on profile aggregating websites you'll notice dozens of profiles with hundreds of thousands of elite kills and nothing but goldfind / pickup radius gear and no progression into inferno.

These profiles are irrefutably, mathematically certain bots. They have more elite kills than a human being could get without dying from sleep deprivation. And there are tons of them.

Blizzard: Please address the problem, or at the very least address the community about the issue. We've all had our game experiences hampered by the online only requirement, but it doesn't look like it's actually preventing cheaters from gaining a leg up - and gaining real money from your RMAH too! In short, we've all paid the price for a secure environment, but it looks like gold botters are the ones reaping all of the benefits.

I think we deserve a statement about your efforts and intentions with respect to botters.
Good post. Dont know why they arent taking any action. (i know somone going to say RMAH)
Stopped reading after: "Since the launch of the game, the developers have aggressively balanced the game
Even though banning the gold bots would insure longevity for the Diablo 3 and its always on DRM, the technology is not currently available to implement such a change.

Blizzard Staff
It could also point to someone spending way to much time on the game. After I beat Inferno and the AH sales have been down. I put on all GF gear and went to HELL ACT 3. I can basicly walk through these levels and anything that hits me dies including elites and I'm getting 400K-1million gold an hr ( i've only started to do this a couple of days ago). Im only a casual, an hr here or there a day. But if some of these die hard guys that have put in 700 + hrs have been doing this for a couple of months then their elite kills would match up.
Again, this isn't a callout thread, so I won't link to specifics - but we're talking about dozens of proifles that have killed something like 2 elites per minute since the game was released.

The profiles are, to a mathematical certainty, cheating. The only chance they are not bots is that they are accounts shared by multiple people which also violates the terms of service.
Where are you seeing these aggregate sites. Curious.
08/09/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Winterfat
Where are you seeing these aggregate sites. Curious.
Honestly, it hits D3 worse than a game like WoW. Right now the end game in Diablo is: Farm items, finding mostly crap and mediocre loot. Sell your crap and mediocre loot, and save up for big-ticket items.

The problem is that with botters, big-ticket items have massively inflated gold prices. If you grind for hours or get lucky and find one, you can sell it for gold - but the gold might be worth less over time if you don't spend it, because the bots keeping botting.

In a game like WoW, bind on pickup gear neutralizes the problem to a large extent, because regular players aren't all devoting themselves to the same thing botters are, just with worse results.

Right now we're all beholden to the botters until an item drops that's so valuable we can sell it for a "bot-inflated" gold price.
Sticky on the general discussion forum.

The hacks team hate bots. So, I've heard.
They take action....eventually.

The ban waves are spaced out enough so as to encourage the botters to do it once they've made the cost of the new game license + some profit.

I've seen several botters on my recent get banned, but the ban waves are infrequent enough that each has picked up at least 100 million gold before they get banned.
Blizzard has metrics on every single thing that happens in this game...but when an aggregator shows up and lists information like this from publicly available profiles, it sure makes you wonder why Blizzard would not have noticed and put a stop to this kind of activity, when it's abundantly clear that they're bots?

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