Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

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Hi, I would love some advice on what are the pieces of my equipment that need changing the most. I feel like I still have a hard time even doing MP3. I've seen others profiles and their claims of MP level, and it seems I should have no prob w/ MP3 and probably should be pushing MP5.
(My DPS shown is unbuffed)

Thanks so much!
DBoy, thank you so much for your fantastic gearing service. I want to add to the great reviews you have received thus far so that more players come to you for gearing help.

A week ago, I asked DBoy to help me wisely spend the large amount of gold I had recently made from the sale of a very nice item. We ended up changing almost all my gear (except for the gloves and boots) which resulted in what you can see in my profile. I now stand at 126k DPS (535k tDPS) and 668k EHP (730 AR and 43k life) after spending about 900M.
DBoy Did a Fantastic Job Making a Set out of 200m XD, Couldnt have been more Satisfied ^_^. Thank You For your Service :P
Hey Dboy, ive read a lot of great things about your services. I'm looking to further upgrade my barb so I can do some mp7 or 8 ubers. Right now with the gear I have i speed farm mp3 and key farm mp5 no problems. How much budget should I look to have to use your services and achieve my goal of mp8 ubers?
I have people ask that all the time. How much gold they need to farm each MpLvl so I estimated an amount needed to farm each Mp.

100Mill Mp3-4, 200Mill Mp4-5, 300Mill Mp5-6, 400Mill Mp6-7, 500Mill Mp7-8, 1Billion+ Mp 9, 2Billion+ Mp10

Mp 9-10 is a huge jump in monster health, it goes from 1755% on Mp8 to 2457% on Mp9 and 3439% on Mp10. So the budget will significantly increase from these levels.

Again this is just an estimation It still could take more or less and hugely depends on your skill with the class,spec and gear.
My current gear I bought from scratch for around 30M (not including the ammy which i found). I am able to run mp3 fast and mp5 is fine (dont die just slower kills). I'm thinking in order to do mp8 ubers I will need more HP, more Resists, and more armor. What are your thoughts?
Hi DBoy, returning player here. Aside from the IK chest I picked up, everything else I have are cheap goods sniped from AH. Farming is ok on mp1, but I'm not getting much money so I only have around 5m to spend. Any suggestions?

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