Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

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When you are upgrading gear, I see way to many people making the mistake of buying a bunch of cheap upgrades instead of buying 1 or 2 significant upgrades. If you are doing fine allready with the gear you have, take a look at each of your pieces, find the item that is currently the lowest quality and focus on upgrading that first. For example take a look at Zombees gloves, most of his items are fine, so the best thing to do is constantly search the ah for a gloves upgrade only. It gets very confusing and you miss out on great deals when you try to upgrade to many pieces at one time. So what he should do is find gloves with 100+ 8% attk speed, 9% crit chance and maybe some all resist since his current ones have it if not then try and find some gloves with 150 str and either physical or fire resist if its going to greatly increase your dps then its probaly worth it to drop the resist since the only reason you need resist is to tank longer so you can kill them, if you can kill faster then you dont need to tank as much.

Also I see to many barbs with the wrong mindset on which passives to use. If you can get enough crit chance on your gear so that you dont have to use weapon master with and axe, why not use a defensive passive instead? I sometimes play with all defensive passives, superstition, tough as nails and nerves of steele. Mainly in co-op games, I can solo diablo with 3 players laying on the ground dead like this, it really makes a huge difference in defence.
Think of it like this, look at weapon master as a STAT, it only does 1 thing 10% crit, if you are sacrificing huge stats on your gloves to get all resist and then useing weapon master to get the crit chance you are making a mistake. If gloves could come with 1 stat only and that stat being only 10% crit chance, what do you think these gloves would be worth? My guess is about 2k gold.

So It would be a much better idea to get gloves with 150str and 9%attk speed 10% crit c, and a bracers with 150str 6% crit c, both with no resist and use superstition instead of weapon master overall it would increase your dps and increase your survivability more than using your current gloves/bracers with resist and weapon master. But of course you want to work your way to that point where you dont have to worry about defensive passives and just use all offensive, but you have to build your way up to that first.
Friend request sent. I've been looking for a thread just like this. I look forward to hearing from you.
Just sent friend request with message. Help much appreciated.
Hi again,

I've posted in this thread and also sent 2 friend requests. I have a really hard time staying alive solo in Act 3, and I'm wondering if you could offer any help or advice. If you're too busy, or I don't have enough gold, just let me know please.

Thanks either way!
I have hit a brick wall with act 4, any tips would be greatly appreciated.
--------------PLEASE NOTE--------------

If I have accepted your friend request please message me asap. I have tried to keep up with who I have helped and who I have not and it is way to much to try to keep up with. I am constantly deleting people who Have not contacted me after several days of having them added, to free up space on my list. I also ocasionaly send out messages to people to see if I have helped them before I delete.

So if I have not got to you and you have consistantly tried to contact me, it is very important to leave me a message atleast and let me know what your needing help with, Even if I do not reply I always write down names And keep up with everything that way.

09/05/2012 09:41 AMPosted by DBoy187
Thegreyham, you have way to many items with No str on them, getting str on your gloves, bracers, chest and rings is very important to increase your dps.

thanks for the reply, i will get working on str on those items, but its hard and should i sacrifice some vit or AR to attain this increase in str?
Peterwsmith, you deffinetly want to find a weapon with higher dps rather than higher str, find a 1200+ weapon with around 150str and atleast 120% natural crit dmg and an open socket. Also you want gloves with crit chance and crit dmg, amulet need str, rings need more str and crit, belt more str, also you can get your life steal from your belt if you cant get it on weapon also use the bloodthirst passive if you cant get it on weapon. Find a cheap andariels helm with socket for more dps and get all resist on your chest and pants. Remember items that increase your dps greatly can be the ones you can neglect resist on but if your just getting str/vit only on an item you want resist also, its much cheaper to get the resist this way.
Also check out Enders thread on the barbarian forums he is pretty good with 2h builds.
08/14/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Antelope
added you Antelope#1828 .. looking 2 build a 20m set for a1/a2 farming just givien a friends barb and its hidieous

20m should get you through the game! Not just farm a1/a2!
Seaque, the lowest cost build ive beat the game with(skipping some packs) was 680k for the entire set, also used the frenzy build. Ive actually been able to farm act 3 with a 363k set, died several times but was able to slowly farm it.
great read, having trouble finding what "las" stat is, is it attack speed or life % steal? thanks in advance.
Dboy I just added you, if you have the time at any point to give me a hand :)


Thanks in advance :3

Edit: Decided i might buy some gold to get me started, if you do add me at any point ( No big rush) we could discuss what exact pieces i should fix first and possibly help me get them cos I suck at the AH ><
Hi DBoy,

I'm comfortable with my AR now and would like to increase my dmg to farm faster.

With about 25 million budget, which are the next few pieces I should be upgrading first?
Hi, very useful guide, thanks. I wanna build a ww barb but I'm not sure how to upgrade my equips. act I was a breeze but act II is virtually unplayable... could you help take a look?

current build:

I've got a shield with 118 vit, 72 AR, and 7.5% crit chance, as well as a 813 dps 2h polearm with 412 str and 1675 LoH. perhaps I could use those instead? thanks.

also, how does LoH work with the ww build? I don't seem to be getting any life back when using ww and sprint
Hey DBoy,

I would really like some help building my barb. I've been trying to build a better one for a while but i just haven't been able to so i've stuck to a low-damage tank but I really don't enjoy playing like this. Looking for between 2-4mil set for act 3 farming. I like playing as a 2h barb but if it lies outside your area of expertise and/or a WW barb is more efficient, i'm fine to go with a WW. I've sent a friend request majin#1673
I must have been missed in the posts. Anyways, DBoy, can you give me some advice on my DW Barb? I need advice on my weapons and armor. Also, are my skills I am using the best for a DW? If not, then what skills are best?
My profile has all my current armor/weapons I am using normally. I just hit Act 4 Inferno and I am not doing very well with the elites. Regular mobs are not a problem as long as they aren't huge packs.
Thank you in advance!

BTW, I do not want to use a shield nor do I want to kite mobs.

Should I get more Str? More Vit? Get different weapons; ones with LoH or LS and sockets? Do I need more CH or CD? Are my skills what they should be or should I change some of the out?
Hi like to check with you, from you point of view on my gear set. How can I improve on it?
Hey DBoy, would you mind, when you have some time of course, to add me and help me with my barbarian? I think I have the basics down but could really use the advice of someone with expertise.
I'm glad too see a few of these helpful Barbarian threads out there. I'll add you when I get home later.

This is my setup, I have a lot of balancing to fix :(
Thx a lot! I love u!
Great tip!

Ender ca't help me unfortunally because different server...

I made the mistake u said...too many crappy "not soo cheap" upgrade but not really good...

Next Time i have big money I'll go for the weapon u said...


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