WhirlWind Disconnections.

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Im still having this problem

Happens several times a day. Friend next to me runs identical build with no issues ever.

Happens 2-3 times per act 3 clear, so 2-3 times every 1-1.5 hours.

Another log

Another Sample

I had no disconnects last night after disabling v-sync... dunno if thats tied with the hotfix as well.
Also, what hardware are people running? What types of machines, im surprised no one even asked this in any of these threads... This should never happen regardless but im thinking its a client side issue with the graphics hardware/cards.
Another thing to look at... i notice a consistent tiny studder in my game (its one of the reasons i recently enabled vsync... low and behold disabling seemed to fix my problem).

I went into the first floor entrace of act 3 throught the left side door in keep. running around in circles I notice the background kinda skips, but dont see it on my toon. Anyone else notice that also?

Might a good test, maybe we all see that skipping issue and it is related.... smash into mobs right when that happens with WW and you crash?
sry no log to post at this time, but some anecdotal insights and speculations of various levels of certainty:

RL friend has this issue and happens to be someone i play w/ daily and who also has an overall PC setup which basically only differs from mine in configuration -- i.e. HW is identical.

-- it's a WW build issue. not saying WW itself, but something about the WW/sprint build. we play 100s of hours on other classes and no probs. i recently leveled a barb to 60 and used WW/sprint near the end and did not personally experience the bug, but I have not put it through its paces whatsoever; haven't even scratched the paint yet.

-- I am decent at troubleshooting SW issues and so have quizzed him as best I can on stuff like "any pattern: certain mobs/levels/elite affixes/skills u cast/etc.? what were u doing/not doing? etc." and a couple notions he has put forth:

1. a while back; that it had to do with there being "a lot" of "wounded" mobs on the screen, which I speculated might have to do w/ drawing all the extra HP bars. obviously as WW barb and me as DH tank (RIP), we are trying to pull big packs, so .. "a lot" means ~20-30 mobs at least. FWIW, anecdotally -- since I am the one who doesn't disconnect, and can see the aftermath -- it's not always a huge pack of mobs. sometimes as few as 5-10. but just throwing this out there.

2. more recently; that he thought it happened upon casting sprint, to drop some tornadoes and move into such a pack, before even starting WWing. (and note that in the heat of the battle, the exact moment he is activating sprint, almost simultaneously with a "force move", those two moments might be indistinguishable from each other, to the naked eye, so it might be either sprint, or force move, or ww itself that is causing the issue .. or, of course, some fun combination of the above.)

the fact that other(s) in this thread suggest a similar cause is encouraging.

it's also intriguing that one poster said it had to do with clicking on a ranged mob. I will point this out to him. (and trying to think to myself: "have there been ranged mobs around when this happened?" and the answer "duh! of course there were!" :P)

-- he is absolutely not clicking skills on the skill bar. hotkeys only.

-- I have suggested "just give me your gear and I will try your exact build" but we haven't got around to actually trying it yet. I wish I had, and if the issue didn't happen with my setup, I could suggest that it must have to do with one of the very limited # of aspects in which our configurations differ.

-- as for the hardware specs, I won't bother with that whole mess of details at the moment, but let's just say "capable". nvidia on win7x64 on intel on asus; enthusiast/"OC" rigs, <2 yrs old.

-- happens in both single and multi-player

-- fairly certain it happened last night (8/22), after close of business PDT, so presumably after the hotfix was pushed

-- will try to get him to post a debug log.

Thanks for your effort on resolving this! Here's hoping for a timely fix!
I was having this issue up until I started running in full windowed mode, hasn't happened since that change was made.
Would be happy to give it a try in full screen mode if you need a wider sample of debug info.
One thing I noticed was that the DC would almost always happen when I was getting the not enough fury for that skill message on screen. I noticed this when first changing up to act 3.
I was running out of fury more often and the DC problem started happening really frequently. If I moved back to act 2 the issue was far less likely to happen, in act 2 I was not running out of fury as much as act 3. Not sure if there is any correlation there but thought it worth mentioning.
Thanks for looking into this, really hope you can sort it out.

ww is on right mouse button and sprint on ''2''. started 2 days ago. about 10 mins after i start a game. so far only in act 3 inf.

Another example for ye, 8-24-12 in the AM
still timing out with patch 104, just started act4 and timed out within 5mins with only a few critters on the screen. I like the theory about ww into unaggro mobs, many of my timeouts have been when i decide to pull additional mobs instead of back tracking thru the crowd.

as much fun as keeping wotb up for ages is, this buggy laggy whatever fail u call it has ruined the game for me.

This time in Act 4 - My friend (who does not get disconnected with same layout) enabled his vertical sync, and has still not had any issues.
Disabling Vsync does seems to stop the disconnects..but at the cost of huge screen tearing in my case. Trading a problem for another one.
getting old... sick of it.
Try this.. Set max forground FPS to 60. Make sure the box is checked.
Set Display to Windowed Fullscreen 1920x1080 with letterbox checked.
Disable max background FPS.

that workaround dosnt work very well for some of us, and it also disables sli.
but thx anyways
i think the issue is that it crashes while monitor is set at 120 hz. Try to run the game at 60 hz with the settings that Teksuo provided. it should help, i havent dced in a few hours and this is progress.

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