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There indeed is a life sign of Blizzard, I really thought the've left the Planet. :D
It's funny that they start with Barbarian and Wizzard, I never thought these classes are so important to be buffed but OK. Besides that I don't have Barbarian or Wizzard, the planed improvements sounds nice.
I have to wait untill tomorrow for my class update infos. Sadly, the WD seems to come at last. I hope he get's some more improvements than the Barbarian...MUCH more to be honest. My Monk could also need some buffs here and there, Act 2 Inferno is not that funny anymore with budget gear.
And I really hope that one day, DH skills like Sentry will be somehow useful in Inferno, I guess it is one of the least used skills in the whole game.
I'm looking forward to some Wizard love for sure. Playing Venom Hydra/DSkin/All other defensive spells doesn't really appeal to me.
So when is the Wizard coming out, soon as in in a couple of hours, or at night like the Legendary improvement blog? Excuse my incredible curiosity lol.
beta finally coming to an end

bring back the power, Diablo's minions need more spanking :D
All five heroes are getting buffed in 1.0.4, and we'll be posting previews for each class over the next couple of days to give you some insight into what's changing.

Wednesday (8/15):
  • [url=""]Barbarian[/url]
  • Wizard

Thursday (8/16):
  • Monk
  • Demon Hunter
  • Witch Doctor

As each preview is published, we'll update this post with a link, so be sure to stay tuned to see what improvements we have in store for your favorite character!

Thanks a ton for the update
THIS is fast and furious!
Could this be the turnaround for D3?
Cautiously optimistic.
I will say that these posts are written in a very open-minded way. After the vitriol posted here, I'd probably want to burn the website and the game to the ground with all the immature and obnoxious punks here. Guess that is why I don't have my own billion dollar video game company. Maybe they are faking it? Either way, it's like negotiating with your bratty temper tantrum throwing 3 year old and giving them cookies...well, because you want to make them love you.
Witch Doctors always get the short end of the stick! We'll be the last!

The buffs better be good!

haha yea they need by far the most work
Looks like Blizzard finally woke up... Seeing glimpses of what made them such a great company over a decade ago

Im loving this philosophy of BUFFING skills so that everything is viable... Took them a while to realize buffing is infinitely superior to nerfing and a much better way to make people happy

If only they reverted Bnet to what it used to be, with proper chat system with character avatars... Bnet 2.0 is just a whole bunch of fail, it completely removed any social aspect Diablo ever had
Thanks for not messing with my double nado Blizz.
I really don't know what changed within the inner sanctum of Blizzard HQ, but I'm liking all the blue posts and relevant information we've been getting.

I don't know what caused the nearly 3 week stretch of silence from Blizzard but I hope it NEVER ever happens again.
08/15/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Lylirra
Is everything mentioned in the articles going to be the ONLY things changing? Or are we going to see more that a few skills buffed per class?

The previews are simply that: previews. They're not going to detail everything that's changing (this is what the patch notes are for), but instead will offer an overview of what you can expect to see. In general, each preview has some sort of focus -- they'll talk about a few specific changes with specific examples, but they'll also delve pretty deep into the reasoning and philosophies behind those changes. That's the trade-off.

Wyatt was pretty adamant in making sure these previews were more about providing explanations about what was changing rather than getting really granular with the details. After all, you'll get to see exactly what's been changed in the patch notes and when you play. While they are intended to give you an idea of what's coming, the previews are ultimately more about opening a window into the development process and sharing that experience with the community.

So in other words we shouldn't be jumping to any conclusions till we see the patch notes submitted by you.
08/15/2012 11:44 AMPosted by TheMiggles
we still don't know how Magic Find is going to change. Who knows? It might be something that blows our mind, and that's why Jay Wilson himself is going to address it =P

Here's hoping he doubles it!
It's a bit overwhelming reading all of those positive comments in the same thread.....It's almost as if people are exci..... almost like folks are happ...I feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Hope to see some huge Ice & Storm Armor buffs soon!

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