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Ima refresh this page until the forum locks me out! I want my wiz update naow!!!!
wiz plox
maybe if we all said "please". Please? Pretty-Please?
It is entirely possible to queue a data deploy without a single living soul being in the Blizzard office, I.E: The deploy can happen anytime between now and Midnight PST.

Further, Blizzard is a GAMES company. No self-respecting Developer goes home before 7 :P

Edit: Quote for context

Oh.. Did they mention a time? I must have missed that...

Today is 8/15 like their schedule claims to release the info. The average work day in America ends at 5pm... its now past 5pm PST.

Therefor yes Blizzard did state a date and time.
So no wiz today? :X
Oh wow I love what they did with the Wiz updates, man that will be some epic changes, see you in 1.0.4 folks!
No Wiz update? :(

Nvm, I see it now.
This may just be the beginning of D3 become the awesome game it can be!

Thanks Blizzard for listening to us.
Yay, Wizard preview.

I'm a bit disappointed that it focused mostly on Hydra and didn't really talk about other skills that much. While my Wizard is still pretty low level (only 32, I just started playing her again recently), I've already replaced her Signature skill with another Arcane Power-using one (I have Ray of Frost and Disintegrate both out), since resources already aren't a problem for me and the signature skills at the moment are kinda lame. They mentioned buffing them, which is nice, but they didn't give specifics. I know it's dumb to complain about stuff at level 32 since it probably changes drastically by level 60, but still.

Just have to wait for the patch notes, I guess.
Except they're nerfing inferno packs and buffing classes across the board. + Don't forget that they are also lowering repair costs for lvl60 gear. So your basically making assumptions out of your !@#.
Awesome changes so far!!
i cant wait to see the WD changes tmr...
I am looking forward to the legendary item buffs. I've gotten so many that I had to salvage, such a shame. Thanks for adhering to the issues presented.
It's kinda weird to have a company scared of their customers, but that's where Blizzard are at the moment.

They can't nerf anything beyond the totally broken stuff and then they apologize for it, while buffing the crap out of everything else, obliterating whatever difficulty that was left because they are in fear of the players.
Nerfing cm/ww and not nerfing ww/nado is kind of depressing. I guess I have to continue using my barb to farm (he's already way better). At devs: WIZARD IS CURRENTLY LESS MOBILE THAN BARB. Please address this with e.g. a reduction on the cooldown of teleport.
The wiz preview is a completely and utter sick joke by blizzard.

How they can keep WW barbs and nerf CM wizards is beyond me.

what a joke
There should have been no nerfs this patch to any class. raise the difficulty of inferno and raise the power of underused skills and runes. not do the exact opposite.
The wiz preview is a completely and utter sick joke by blizzard.

How they can keep WW barbs and nerf CM wizards is beyond me.

what a joke
unless you're able to notice it, you're overreacting for now
Man.... what a difference between barb and wiz changes. Barb is like, here u go guys, we clearly gonna bump all the primary abilities and fury spenders and we will give u all the numbers. Wiz is like, HYDRAAAAAAAAAAA and twister nerf and little bit of this and that.
This patch is "make or break" for myself and several of my friends.

So far, I'm thrilled (:

Can't wait to jump into these new features, and can't wait to see further content patches and the likes!

Blizzard don't let me down! We have too much history together...

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