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Lore and Story
Diablo has always been meant to be a dark game. Having been in limbo for so long the players had huge expectations for it. I had huge hopes for an epic storyline that fell very short. And by short I mean the game itself. I`m a rather casual player and it took me 10 hours to play through Normal. The game simply didn`t have the content that one should have after 10 years of development. All arguements about the AH/RMAH aside the content just wasn't there.

Here's my thoughts on a D3 storyline/ endgame changes...

Act 1
It was a decent starter. I would have liked some more of my own characters story infused with the ongoing stuff. The initial blurb at creation just wasnt enough. Make it more than the "Barb" or the "DH". give me some storlyline as to why we're there and why we care. Give me more about my character pls.

Act 2
Belial screws you over. You believed you were killing him the whole time. You actually killed the Emporer and his Gaurd. The rest of the act is trying to cover your escape and prove your innocence. Perhaps Zoltun ultimately aids that by providing some lost magic to help you before he goes all power hungry. Act ends by proving innocence and killing the demon. maybe. Belial should have had us running around not knowwing who was who.

Act 3
The Bastion Keep events are pretty good as they are. the big fix in A3 has to be the boss fights. Azmo is a sissy as he stands. So is his concubine. Beef those fights. make them a challenge. Belial should never have been the hardest fight in the game. When we came out to wreck the catapults a real tactitian would have tried to stop us with counter attacks and the like. Just not involved enough. Infusing storyline into counter attacks would give that aspect a great new push. The boss fight itself should have had his LTs comming at us with packs of mobs while Azmo screamed orders at them. Finally once they were down then a buffed Azmo joins the fray.

Act 4
Final fight in Heaven, Diablo is going down. He see he`s not going to win and achieve anything on his own. He breaks the soulstone releasing the other 6 Evils. The game now has potential for new acts. Level potential of say 100. Gear progression to scale. Then maybe a new and improved Diablo fight. As soon as I heard of the Soulstone I thought for certain there would be a huge fight in chasing down all the Evils after they escaped the stone. Diablo escapes in the confusion

Acts 5-7
Chasing down the newly released Evils before they can establish themselves a powerbase again is the new priority. Perhaps some real help from the Angels this time now that their idiot boss was spanked. As you kill them no one notices Adria capturing some of their essence and later infusing Diablo her master with that power.

Act 8
The trip back to Hell is a long one. Just before the final intense battle with Diablo you will finally kill Adria and exact some vengence on her for Leah's death. Then the boss fight. Diablo's new powers have given his him aspects of the other Evils. As the Prime he uses their signature abilities to unleash hell on the Hero. The fight ends with the aspects fighting free and Diablo's defeat. However the balance must be maintained. The world can't exist without good ...and evil. The evils go into hiding again. The angles retreat to heaven. Balance is restored for now. Leading perhaps to an expansion or further sequel as one faction or the other fight for supremecy. Perhaps as a nephalim you decide its time for an Age of Men and follow in Zoltun's steps and wipe out the heavens to ensure no one meddles.

These sorts of additions/expansion would give people a lot more play time in a game with better/more content. So many of the complaints i've heard is that after 10 years of development the game just isnt what was needed to satisfy the masses. Here's hoping you folks at Blizz can see that and get past the apparent propoganda and maybe fix the game to keep it in line with the dark, forboding, fantastic games that came before it.

Edit oh ya. give me more on the followers too. There seemed to be some good gems of storyline that just got abandoned. They need to play a greater role. Not just a small quest event where they meet you and follow you until death. The templar is the only one who could realistically have reason for that. you save his !@# in the first act. Want more pls

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