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I just finished normal and now playing nightmare. what can i aspect? how have the bad guys changed?
They get two abilities instead of one. This means you will start to encounter bad combos. Eg, arcane enchanted is easy to dodge, and vortex doesn't do much by itself. But arcane+vortex means you can get sucked into a forest of beams, which is way dangerous.

Hell has tree, inferno four abilities by the way.

Rest of the game is the same with bigger numbers.
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I just finished normal and now playing nightmare. what can i aspect? how have the bad guys changed?

You can change the aspect by pushing the z key. This aspect is much tougher to play in though and I wouldn't recommend it.
From the game guide


New affixes appear on monsters: Arcane Enchanted, Extra Health, Fast, Horde, Fire Chains, and Vampiric.
Champion and rare monsters can have up to 2 affixes.
Pages of Training, which are required to train artisans and craft several potent recipes, now drop.

The effectiveness of the Life Steal affix – which restores your Life by a percentage of the damage you deal – is reduced in advanced difficulties, as shown:

Normal: 100%
Nightmare: 70%

Also CCs like stuns and snares will be slightly less effective (stun timed shortened, movement/att speed reductions not as effective).

Also incoming damage to you will hit a lot more. If you have survived Act 4 of a previous difficulty, the beginning of Act 1 should be fairly easy, until you find your first elite. In hardcore players deal with this by making use of lots of vit, defensive skills and passives, especially ones that allow you to break CCs or run away quickly.
Another NM noob here, what are the minimum requirements to survive through NM?

I have gotten to the Spider Caverns so far, it seems doable if I am careful and don't rush.
not much harder imo. just stack more vit and keep gear updated. hell you'll want to take it real cautious, maybe look for a reduced level weapon
I found when I was leveling that as long as I upgraded my gear every 5 or so levels, and made sure I could usually kill white trash mobs in 2 hits then I was fine. If you are taking 4 or more hits to kill whites then you definitely want to spend some $$$. Your vitality shouldn't be dropping in big blocks. If it is, upgrade. You need to be a bit more careful once you hit about 45 onwards. Buy a -lvl weapon at this point in time.
Wow. Thanks for all the tips. Keep 'me coming. Much appreciated.


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