Found 2 barbarians with +1 million DPS

Aren't they softcore?
Yes those are softcore barbs, they have balls to the wall str and crit gear with full radiant stars and that dps will also include all their buffs which include maurader and WotB. 1 Mill DPS is pretty nutty but these barbs are the exceptions
This is why I love HC...

25K life, sub 500 buffed AR (or even much worse) and 0 block. They can keep thier million DPS barbs and GCs and stay away from here

Funny how one of those guys gave thier templar a stormshield. I'd like to see that in HC
hater stop saying "hey this is SC" lol

I never know barb can have over 1M dps..

Omg even 100K dps is very impressive for barb.. but come on 1M dps!!!
I got a kick out of seeing one of the barb's templar equipped with stormshield. Ahh to live a life in excess...
Barb has some of the best damage skills in the game... if not the best by a good margin, no surprise there, but still funny to see, im sure they can do better.
Keep soft core out of hardcore
Even in softcore it's pretty impressive still IMO

Anyway I made a HC list in this thread (Top 5 DPS):
It is pretty sick that they have 1 mil dps... but not impressive. They had all the shots on the world with no set backs to get to where they are. :)
how much would you sell my belt for?
Those barbs might as well be wizards. They have a lot of strength and crit stacked, but little survivability. I bet they wouldn't get too far in a PvP tournament with the lack of defense.

Its all about Epeen tbh. These guys have stats that wouldn't even survive 2-3 hits in A1 inferno.
08/11/2012 11:54 PMPosted by Uberjager
These guys have stats that wouldn't even survive 2-3 hits in A1 inferno.

I cant even start to explain how wrong you are lol... these guys clear act 3-4 like no other. kingkongor even streams if you dont believe me.
That is close to impossible in HC until the next 6 years :D.
Lol, I saw this, looked at his profile and ... softcore.

Nothing special.
oh my god what an epeen you HC players have. i dont play HC anymore due to 2 reasons: rubberbanding inferno, and stuck up insecure no lifer noobs who think they are "hardcore" at a game which requires no skill at all

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