Got my first Input Limit Reached error

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So for quite a long time I thought that the people who complained about this error were basically doing something really naughty or stupid. Oh how wrong I was.

I left Diablo II because I could run Meph + Pindle faster than bots, then of course they added a game creation timer ... so I started joining other peoples games who were just playing through and running their Meph whilst they were in Act 1/2 ... -_- then they reduced the drops so I started running Baal with a Hammerdin (near perfect) and got bored and left.

I got sick of levelling my Wizard (who is currently level 58) as it took me 26 hours to get from 1 to 54 (casual leveling with mass +exp) compared to my DH who went from Act 1 Normal to finishing Act 1 Skele in Inferno in 2 days with no stops (first character - no rushing - no +exp - only AH was a nooby chest armor and a few low level bows).

So I figured I would power rush the Wizard those last few levels cause it was driving me bat!@#$ crazy insane having gear for her at level 60 but not being able to use it.

I have done weeks of Goblin runs, and even did Warrior Rest runs for a few days (before I went back to Butcher Runs), and never reached this limit and now it appears that the way this works is that it flags your account.

Once an account is flag, even if I go AFK for 5-10 mins come back, by the second or third game I will receive this error compared to running it just fine for the last 3 hours.

You would think with Gold Logs that Blizzard could actually pick the difference between a botter and a real player and not rely on game creation. Power leveling would always exist (God I miss the days of Hell Cows 1-70 in an hour), just seems stupid to impose this limit.

I ain't leaving Diablo III, I love this game, I am just annoyed at a stupid limit that would not need to exist if common sense was used in the game's design from the start. Also, I needed something to do for a while whilst my error exists.
And it would appear once you get this limit for the first time, your account is flagged and you are more prone to getting it again and again and again.

This is worst than Tuesday nights ...
This error started for me yesterday. Got no idea what it meant and didn't care. But when I logged in today and after checking AH for like 5 minutes then checked available public games, I decided to grab a glass of water. It didn't even take 3 minutes and when I got back, this error came up again. I used to be able to go AFK for hours when I gotta do stuff but after reading your explanation and what causes this to happen, yea, it's really annoying. T_T
Man that error sounds very annoying, and is it really a surprise that players sometimes tend to behave a little like bots themselves? lol I guess playing the game for maximum efficiency is not allowed lol.

Hopefully i will stay safe from this error...but i feel like i'm drawing closer every time

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