My account got stolen!

Technical Support
I've received an e-mail from blizzard saying that my e-mail address has been changed. Now I cannot log in or even recover my password.
I bought D3 from store if it makes difference.
Tried calling blizzard since 8AM today but I keep hearing "Our queues are full, call later".
Please help!
This really isn't the forum section for that. Also, how were you able to post this if you couldn't log in?
Same thing for me, I had a Starcraft2 account, but I wished a better account so I create new one, as a Jedi name... well... so I use this new one to play Diablo 3 and then, panik : due to the fact I use an older count for Starcraft2, the new one was blocked by "security".
Ok, I go to deblock the count, and no possible : the first name did'nt match to the email address, of course, I'm not really Obi-wan kenobi you know... Like someone say in a movie : "why are you so serious ?"
Really Blizzard, what's amazing security for a game...
But ok, no problem, I switch back to my first account, and then : re-panik. Du to the fact I try to use a new one, this one is blocked too. Damn. I go to deblock it : new-panik, my first-name did'nt match to the e-mail. Of course, at this time, I didn't think u will take security like that, like allmost all players, I had try to have a funny first-name.
So, I must create a third count, with reals first name. But I'm not agree, why do you want to know all this private things abouts players ? We are just players.
Then I try to play Diablo 3 : I must read 3 long contract ?! Are you serious ???
Don't you thing something get wrong ? Diablo 3 : is it a game ? Or not ? If it is a game, is it for gamers ? Or not ? And if it is for gamers, do you think they will read 3 long contracts ?

I think you really must change this, because it affraid me, and maybe lots of others gamers, all this non-fun stuff (and dealing with real money in a game is... dark side of the force).
have you tried contacting customer support?

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