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i thought i would post a thread to help some aussies out in the game. i might not have the best characters but can help anyone out the best i can with whatever you need help with. getting past a certain level or gold and magic runs ,help with character equipment to improve your character ,skills advice for certain levels. or just want someone to play with basically anything u need .really no troubles at all. i love to help people get to were they need to be as much as i can. anyways if you want just leave a comment below. i will leave my gamertag here so u can add me and in the comment bit of the request please leave a comment on what u need .thanks

i wanted to add another comment if you are in need of any gem crafting or blacksmith crafting i can do for you at no charge as long as u bring what is needed for that specific item including the gold for it to be crafted.
i can craft ALL GEMS
i can craft the following blacksmith items
set items
    demon's lock
    demon's revenge
    demon's heart
    demon's flight
    demon's scale

robes of the rydraelm
black bone arrows
the magi


exalted grand phantom bow
exalted grand doomcaster
exalted fine doomcaster
exalted grand impellor

1hand weapons
exalted grand flesh ripper
exalted flesh ripper
exalted grand conquest sword
exalted fine strike wand
exalted strike wand

2hand weapons
exalted grand zhezi
exalted fine sagaris
exalted fine behemoth
exalted behemoth
exalted grand oni blade

exalted grand runic quiver
exalted runic quiver
exalted grand orbit stones
exalted grand dread shield
exalted dread shield

exalted fine heaven strand
exalted grand sovereign mail
exalted sovereign mail
exalted grand stalker cape
exalted sovereign vambraces
exalted grand sovereign helm
exalted sovereign helm
exalted grand heavy baldric
exalted grand sovereign tassets
exalted sovereign tassets
exalted grand pallium
exalted pallium
exalted grand ghost sight
exalted grand manitou mask

how it works easy check what u need to craft that item bring it with u give me the stuff and ill do it right there craft it for u and there u have ur new rare item. now i dont hold responsibility if the stats dont turn out as good as u want ,thats not my fault its just the roll ok :-)


and if u have joined my friends list and have had a story or help or something with me would be much appreciated if you would leave a thank you or at least a comment below . :-)
Hi Dj Dan,

Add me. Need a cool dude to play with.

cheers for the add ..
was fun and was great that you found a set piece on the run. plus another player in the group same place have never seen that.
:-) must of been our aussie pride :-)
I said i was gonna find my first set piece - and viola! 220 hours later!
I'm always looking for more Aussies/NZ to play with :D I'll leave my tag so feel free to add and I'll accept as soon as I get online.

offer is still there. ?

Add me man
hi feel free to ad me im doing act 1 inferno cos i cant do act 2 yet. also love doing achievements :)

have added u all to my friends list :-)
I am getting my !@# handed to my by Belial on inferno if you want to help :)

08/25/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Seeeds
I am getting my !@# handed to my by Belial on inferno if you want to help :)

That's where I was yesterday when I came and joined you guys. I might have to add you as well if that's cool DJDAN.

yes of course no dramas ...
Hi guys add me if you want im farming act 3 pretty easily with my wd always looking for peeps to farm with and would be good to do it with some aussies instead of chinese. :)

Anyone keen to help me beat Diablo inferno tonight? Ill be on in about an hour and think its about time I gave it a go! Ill be on around 11:00pm Nz time so bout an hour.

added u both to my diablo list of friends.
Hey, if your still keen feel free to add me.

Add me plz
Add me plz

Hey, if your still keen feel free to add me.


added u both..
It would be great to do some runs with some fellow Aussies. Will add you also Dj Dan :)
So good to find some Ozziness! Be great to do some farming either act 2.... or act 3 and watch me die a million times over to those suicide bombers. Keen on finding that good bunch of guys that want to help further each other along!

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