Zolton Kulle Lives!

Lore and Story
“I hate having to repeat myself, Zolton! So, for the last time, Give me the Black-soulstone!” roared the Nephalem, getting into a battle-ready stance.
“By the gods! How do I get you to stop killing long enough to get you to listen to something I’m trying to tell you?! Life is more than just running from Exclamation point to exclamation point, Nephalem, sometimes you actually have to stop and think!” cried Zolton Kulle in exasperation.
“Say what it is you have to say, Zolton, but know this! I’m taking the Black-soulstone with me, even if it means prying it from your dead hands!”
“Didn’t you see what just happened?! Didn’t you see those souls fly into the stone the instant it was completed?!”
The Nephalem remained quiet, and stared at Zolton Kulle intently.
“Think for a moment, Nephalem. Think! This is the Black Soulstone. An artifact designed to house the souls of demons, demon lords, angels and arch-angels. An artifact so powerful the Horadrim killed me, me! One of their own, because they feared the power it would give me. And right before your very eyes, someone, not me, someone very powerful, not me, was able to deposit a number of souls into the stone the instant it was completed.
Did you know that this would happen? I most certainly didn’t! Do you think this some unimportant and meaningless event, and this some run-of-the-mill magic artifact that you can take for granted?!” Zolton Kulle said pleading, imploring, beseeching.
Zolton Kulle’s words made the Nephalem feel arrogant, overconfident, cocky, things he was not accustomed to feeling. Zolton Kulle was right, the Horadrim had feared the Black Soulstone, they feared its very existence, how could he watch an unusual, unexpected event involving the Black Soulstone and think nothing of it?
With great reluctance the Nephalem slipped out of his battle-ready stance.
“I can see your point. If this is not some treachery of yours, and someone else has been able to put a number of souls into the black soulstone, then this is indeed cause for concern.” the Nephalem said after a time.
“We must determine exactly what has happened here, and what it means. Now, if you’ll give me a moment I’ll cast a spell and determine exactly what souls were just trapped within the stone.” Zolton Kulle said.
After a moment of concentration Zolton Kulle flung a stream of blue energy at the stone, then began looking at it as if peering inside of it.
“Hmmm, just as I suspected. Come, Nephalem, see for yourself.” Zolton Kulle said.
The Nephalem strode forward and came to stand beside Zolton Kulle, then turned and looked into the stone. It was as if he were looking down from the clouds onto a vast, desolate plain, wherein he saw five dark figures roaming.
“Those are five of the Lords of Hell, Nephalem. Five Lords of Hell.” Zolton Kulle said laying much emphasis on the word ‘Lords.’
The Nephalem looked at Zolton Kulle in shock and confusion.
“Quite the puzzle, isn’t it, Nephalem? Who could have been powerful enough to trap the souls of five of the lords of hell? Trapping their souls within a soulstone that hadn’t even been completed.” Zolton Kulle said.
“I can’t imagine who could have done such a thing.” the Nephalem said.
“Think, Nephalem, think. The person behind this knew of the Black soulstone’s existence, knew that it wasn’t completed yet nevertheless cast powerful spells to trap lords of hell the moment it was completed. This person also knew that I was the only one that could complete the Black Soulstone, and therefore this person would have been quite eager to see me complete the soulstone.”
Zolton Kulle’s musings were interrupted by the Nephalem.
“Adria! Are you implying that Adria is behind all this?! That’s preposterous! Adria is just as eager to see Belial and Azmodan destroyed as anyone!” the Nephalem said.
“Ah, but Nephalem, why then didn’t she inform either you or me about the five lords of hell, or about her plan which has obviously been in motion for quite sometime? Its Adria and her as yet unknown plan that needed me. Not you. You don’t need me or the Black soulstone to defeat Belial or Azmodan. With that murderous rage of yours you simply need to destroy their armies and chase them from their strongholds back to hell. Why is it so imperative that you have the Black Soulstone? Hmm? Why is it so imperative that the demon lords be trapped?” Zolton Kulle said.
The Nephalem stood as if stunned, lost in thought, lost in confusion.
“Given your eagerness to murder me without a moment’s hesitation and this quite puzzling turn of events, I’m beginning to feel as though I could use a little insurance. A little insurance to prevent you and your friends from dismembering my body again.” Zolton Kulle said.
Once again Zolton Kulle began to concentrate. The arcane powers he called upon began to fill the room. Wind swirled, sparks flashed, lightening danced and boomed here and there. Then as though gathering it up all in his hands he hurled it all at the Black Soulstone, upon which it all crashed like a great wave.
“There! You may take the Black soulstone at your leisure, Nephalem.” Zolton Kulle said as calm began to return to the room.
“What have you done, Zolton?!” roared the Nephalem.
“I’ve cast a spell upon the Black Soulstone barring any magic user, angelic, demonic or nephalem from casting any spell onto or into the stone without my being present. Let’s call it; a little insurance.”
Zolton Kulle roared with laughter, then disappeared, leaving the Nephalem with the Black Soulstone.


“You know Adria, you and I don’t talk much. I mean, sit down together and just shoot the breeze. You know?” The Nephalem said while filling a kettle with water.
Adria eyed the Nephalem with disdain.
“Look what Covetous Shen gave me. He calls it coffee. Says you put this packet into hot water, let it steep for awhile, then drink it while its hot.”
The Nephalem put the kettle above the campfire, then sat down near Adria.
The quarter moon hung low, and the stars shone brightly above the Hidden Camp. A chill night breeze made the campfire a very comfortable place to sit and pass the night.
“So, Five Lords of Hell, huh? I’m sure that wasn’t easy. Maybe I should be taking lessons from you!” the Nephalem said.
Adria let loose a snort.
“Like I said, I was dedicated.” Adria replied.
“I don’t doubt it. I don’t. But, there is one thing I’ve been kind of curious about. Why didn’t you tell any of us, Tyrael, me or even Zolton Kulle about the five lords of hell that you had lined up to be trapped within the stone?” the Nephalem asked.
“There wasn’t time. We had to move quickly.” Adria said.
“Come on, Adria, we’ve got nothing but time. And, its not like something like having trapped 5 lords of hell is some minor detail that doesn’t seem important enough to mention.” the Nephalem said.
“Ok. You want to know why I didn’t tell anyone? Can you imagine what Zolton Kulle would have asked for if he had known we were planning to trap all seven of the lords of hell in his Black soulstone? He probably would have asked for a seat on the Angiris Council.” Adria said.
The Nephalem got up, took the kettle from the fire, then poured two cups of coffee.
“Well, trapping all seven of the lords of hell is certainly something that would merit a seat on the Angiris Council, don’t you think?” the Nephalem said, handing Adria one of the cups.
Adria slowly reached for the cup and took it, eyeing the Nephalem intently all the while.
“As a matter of fact, telling Zolton Kulle up front about the five lords that you’d already marked to be trapped in the stone, probably would have secured Zolton Kulle’s complete cooperation throughout this entire affair. Think about it. The Horadrim dismember Zolton Kulle’s body and scatter the pieces about, because they fear what Zolton Kulle will do with the Black soulstone once he completes it. We come along, put ol’ Zolton back together again, he completes the stone, and we use it to trap and destroy all seven of the lords of hell. That would completely vindicate Zolton Kulle wouldn’t it? It would prove that the Horadrim were not only wrong, but that they were the ones driven by less than honorable motives. Zolton Kulle would be a hero.” the Nephalem said.
“What are you driving at, Nephalem?” Adria demanded angrily.
“Coffee not agreeing with you?” the Nephalem asked.
“Are you implying that I’m up to something?” Adria demanded.
“What I’m saying is, you’ve told a series of lies about something that if it were known would only help us, all of us, and there has to be a reason other than there just wasn’t time.” The Nephalem said.
“So, its just as Tyrael and I feared, Zolton Kulle has gotten to you with his vile worm tongue. Don’t fall for Zolton Kulle’s lies, his twisting of the truth, Nephalem. Zolton Kulle is dangerous, he is treacherous. Once he gets what he wants he’ll betray you in an instant. And more than one world will suffer as a result.” Adria said in a pleading voice.
“I don’t know. Zolton Kulle isn’t the one caught redhanded lying.” the Nephalem said.
Adria eyed the Nephalem with contempt.
“Well, it doesn’t matter what you think, Nephalem. There are two other lords of hell out there planning to cover this world in darkness, and they have to be stopped. Once they’re dead and their souls are trapped within the stone, we’ll see who the more trustworthy is me or Zolton Kulle.” Adria said.
“Don’t think so, sister. Zolton Kulle put a spell on the stone. You won’t be able to deposit anymore souls into it, until you tell us what you’re up too.” the Nephalem said.
“That’s why the spell I taught Leah didn’t work!” Adria muttered angrily.
Quick as a flash she drew a dagger and pressed its edge up against the Nephalem’s neck. The Nephalem tried to look down at the dagger at his neck, and looked upon it as though it were a cute, child’s toy.
“You’re going to regret toying with me, Nephalem.” Adria said in seething rage.
“You keep that in your bosom? How cute.” the Nephalem said.
“Its woven with spells and all I have to do is ….”
Just then there was the sound of crunching gravel. Someone was headed down the path in their direction.
The Nephalem suddenly shivered, and began frantically looking around for a way to escape. Another glance at the path revealed that the approaching form was Leah. Quickly the Nephalem opened a town portal and leaped inside.

The Nephalem tumbled from the town portal a few yards from Tyrael.
“Close it! Close it!” the Nephalem muttered.
The portal snapped shut and disappeared. The Nephalem heaved a tremendous sigh of relief.
“Running from someone?” Tyrael asked approaching.
“It was Leah!” the Nephalem said with a pained expression on his face. Tyrael laughed.
“I don’t know what it is, Tyrael, but I can’t stand being around her. Something about her makes my flesh crawl.” The Nephalem shivered in disgust.
“It just goes to show you, the longer we run from a repulsive woman the more she can win our hearts.” Tyrael said proudly.
Shouldn't this be in the Horadric Archives instead of the story forum?
08/20/2012 09:37 AMPosted by AscendedOne
Shouldn't this be in the Horadric Archives instead of the story forum?
This is not meant to be "Fan-Fic." Its meant to be criticism. Meant to spur further discussion of the story (or lack thereof.) Call it, "a way to articulate more of the problems with the story."
Wouldn't Zolton Kulle have been able to talk his way out of being killed by the Nephalem?
Wouldn't Zolton Kulle have understood the implications of someone depositing souls into the Blacksoulstone?
Why doesn't the Nephalem ever question the need for a Black soulstone?
Kule found a way to achieve immortality, something about sand replacing his blood. Kule's physical body was destroyed (again) but his spirit still lives on until the physical can be reformed again.
Shouldn't this be in the Horadric Archives instead of the story forum?
This is not meant to be "Fan-Fic." Its meant to be criticism. Meant to spur further discussion of the story (or lack thereof.) Call it, "a way to articulate more of the problems with the story."
Wouldn't Zolton Kulle have been able to talk his way out of being killed by the Nephalem?
Wouldn't Zolton Kulle have understood the implications of someone depositing souls into the Blacksoulstone?
Why doesn't the Nephalem ever question the need for a Black soulstone?

Then ask those questions, the way it is setup is more like a "What if?". It isn't set up like criticism.
As Elder Lore-Master i Disagree.


Therefore this is blasphemy and shall not be acknowledged.
if you really are this so-called Elder Lore-Master then i will have to agree with you. Since you are claiming that Wongkeiying is not a lore-master that only concludes to 1 thing. Zolton Kulle is dead. What you are saying is indubedibully correct, because you are the Elder Lore-Master himself. I would not know what to do without your guidance.
Please finish the story! That was a very interesting read :)
I agree with OP. This part of the story is particularly unbelievable and makes everyone look like an idiot except Kulle. Not to mention that I have no idea how Adria got the demon lords' souls when we destroyed them with the BLUE soulstones. They were supposed to be gone after that, just like the "plan" was for destroying the black soulstone.
If only you gave Kulle a chance to spit out that 2 pages worth of words. You killed him before he could explain.
08/23/2012 01:54 PMPosted by ricerocket
If only you gave Kulle a chance to spit out that 2 pages worth of words. You killed him before he could explain.

Talking is a free action :)

Though in all seriousness, much of the plot silliness in D3 stems from using the Black Soulstone as a very inconsistent plot coupon.

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