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08/21/2012 11:35 AMPosted by d35366
holy shat!, zombie dog had proc coff of 1 before? never knew it was that op.

Dogs had 100% coefficient. And you times that by 3 or 4 Dogs.

Stinker had 100% as well.

Just between Burning and Stinker, they were proccing at least 400%... T_T

This does not even include your Rain of Frog, Fire Pits, Spider Queen and Acid Clouds. You do the math. WD was proccing MAD.

The only setup that could compete with WD is DH with Jagged Spike/Gas Grenade and that's completely gone for DH.
Sigh, so I might have to retire my CC gear? Looks like my pets won't proc much at all.
08/21/2012 11:54 AMPosted by RosstheBoss
Sigh, so I might have to retire my CC gear? Looks like my pets won't proc much at all.

Well, not so fast. Yes, your Dogs won't be proccing that much but if that gear has good stats, why throw it away? Your Dogs are surviving at least 5x better and then you add occasional CC procs and that just makes your pets survive even better, doesn't it?

I see procs as a Supplement, not as a Main Meal.
Yes, but I'm also sacrificing other stats to get my CC where it is (mostly intelligence). I'm starting to wonder if raising those stats and ditching CC will be beneficial now that their survivability has gone up.

If I do decide to sell, it won't be for some time. I would like to see how this plays out. Wish they just lowered the proc rate for bosses. Only time I felt it was overpowered.
Is there anyway that your pet gets the benefit of your LOH?
My cc was all gear switch trash, it's useless now, but I don't really care.

Ok my build is this.

BBV (5% heal I have 90k hp)
soul harvest (with both this and BBV I get 48k damage which is nice for me)

zombie handler
fierce loyalty

I think this build is optimal for a pet tank who wants to up their damage. You could maybe replace handler with gruesome feast, but I prefer to have the extra dog out, and feast buff is too short.

However, what I am not sure about is if I should replace horrify (with armor buff) with acid rain. I use it to get out of sticky situations. Acid rain would improve damage and LoH, but I'm not sure if that would be enough to save me. It didn't seem like the dot on rain was causing LoH to stack up to much.
Did a full clear of Act 1. Paragon 1 already.

Pet health did not even drop below 80%. Not even close. The only time I saw it move was against the undead horror things elite pack.

Entire Act 1: 0 pet deaths. 0 resummons. 0 close calls.

Your gear is very good and probably too much for Act 1. What build are you running? You have about 1200 LoH, are you using Loyalty, Handler and?
Yes, but I'm also sacrificing other stats to get my CC where it is (mostly intelligence). I'm starting to wonder if raising those stats and ditching CC will be beneficial now that their survivability has gone up.

Same here. They served a purpose but they gotta go from my build. Unless I find a really spectacular CC legendary of course.
Also, updated my stat priority/overview post here

I hope it's accurate enough to be of use.
1200 regen u mean. I'm not thinking, i'm doing Act 3 keep depths now. I'll theory craft later. ZERG RUSH!!!! 2.5 stash screens of rares in 50 minutes Act 1 before I got D/Ced. lol

only 5 63s though.. hmmm

Edit: I am now testing Act 3 without fierce loyalty. let's see if pets can die now.

- Firepit (LoH is now a big problem)
- Soul Harvest (Heal)
- ZD / Leaching Beast (to compensate for LoH)
- Gargantuan with the 120 second rune thing
- GotD with Death to Life
- Spirit Walk (Heal)

1 elite pack down (teleport / desecerator / waller / something else) - Lost 2 dogs only
2 elite pack down (plague / mortar / something / something) porcupines - Lost 2 dogs only
3 elite pack down (frozen /molten / vampire / teleport) soul lickers - Lost 1 dog only

Got killed by Arcane Sentry... AGAIN!!!

Edit: For those who can, level paragon in Act 3. Way way way FASTER

Awesome. Losting 1-2 dogs in Act 3 against elite is definitely an enormous buff.

Yeah sorry I meant 1200 Life Regen. And you tested act 3 without Loyalty!
I'm happy, haven't died in Act 3, pets are surviving at least long enough for my CD to be back up...now to get more dps.
I would like to report that the green explosive goblins officially do not get their damage reduced by force armor.

My dogs have died to single green goblin explosions.


Also, link to your stats?
Hmm Winged Molok Elites with waller and molten seem to be an issue for my dogs and garg....go down pretty fast in there
My impressions from playing through late Act 2:

This update is definitely a win for pets, I used to struggle with Act 2, but this time I found it pretty easy.

CC isn't very good anymore. I definitely notice freezes/stuns with RoT/Spider Queen, but nothing I think is worth keeping. Pets can take so much damage now, so I don't think the little bit CC is needed. I'd rather focus on other stats, mostly damage (enrage timers are a problem), resists, and health. Fear and Knockback will certainly be gone from my gear soon.

Luckily, I think this means I have more freedom with my skills, since pet builds were tied to certain skills to trigger more CC. Might even make leaping spiders my main attack now. :D

One problem I noticed is more enemies seem to be ignoring my pets and coming straight for me. Some enemies are bound to do that, but it seemed a bit more regular now, so hex/horrify might become more important skills.
Hm, I wonder If I finaly can trade my shield for an Mojo for some serious DMG boost. I used a Shield mainly for Pet survival, same for Jungle Fortitude. my gear was always a budget equip but with all the CC fun it served me well in Act 1 Inferno, I had very much fun with my Petdoc, the whole time from Normal to Inferno.
Of course Blizzard had to nerf this. :D Can't be that you have fun in Inferno with an overall 300K gear...
...But alot of new skill possibilities. I'm looking seriously to Sacrifice now. Reduced Dog summon cooldown and buffed passives have to be tested...
And one Day I will make it through Act 2 Inferno, even with low budget gear, I'm sure. :D

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