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awesome news
This is all very good news. A majority of that should have been part of the AH at release. Might actually log on longer than 5 minutes now.

EDIT: Correction, I might actually log in now. I guess I have not played since prior to Character Profiles being released.
Does anyone know if Blizz sells items in the RMAH?
Now that we will be able to sort with Time Left, expect lots of sniping to happen.
finally some good news about AH
nice changes! still lack one thing: search in the completed tab. i'm breaking my arm and leg endlessly scrolling there every day :S
Love the much needed changes.

Still missing the ability to search our completed items list for a specific item. How much did I pay for X a week ago. Manually searching is long and tedious
God first Paragon and now this, just awesome. No more waiting for 36 freaking hours when you overprice something or try to sell something that's crap hahaha
Great but I don't want to buy gold with real money.

Can there be an option to pay for gold with gold?
Let me just say. that while I am thrilled with most of the content/class related changes to 1.0.4, the AH improvments will go a very very very long way in bridging the gap between frustrated and barely hanging on players, to thriving and enjoying.

These AH changes are very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to not only make the changes, but address them to the community.
I love these changes, but shouldn't these be on the drawing board especially the 5 option search before the game is released?
Sorry this would be my first post. I think. Anyway. If Dako indeed is correct and the patch note wasnt a typo. then 100,000 stack of 100,000 gold is like 10,000,000,000. Its $2.5 per mil. So, 10,000,000=$25...100,000,000=$250, 1,000,000,000=$2,500. 10,000,000,000=$25,000...So a million stack of 100k gold would then be. 100,000,000,000 and that is $250,000. Do correct me if Im wrong cause all those zeroes are very confusing for me >.< I dont think anyone has that kind of gold.
I know there are a few guys or a programmer with a legion of bots even, that gained more than a billion gold.

I'm sorry but I too, think that the majority of people that thought of the same thing was correct.

Minimum stack was indeed at 100k it's also the maximum stack cause you cant change it. Now they are changing the minimum to 1mil. Perhaps it is confusing having to count or multiply the gold you are selling everytime to 100k when you want to sell gold on the RMAH. I know because I've tried it and I'm currrently selling most of my gold there. I have OCD and I post cancel my auctions many times because of this. Having the minimum stack of 1mil will be straight forward and you wont always have to count or multiply a certain amount of gold to 100k to make sure you are selling the right amount of gold for the right price.
08/20/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Lylirra
Stat increases which come from slotted gems will no longer be factored in when searching for equipment. Instead, your search criteria will only take into account the base stat values for an item.

Does this mean that we can't create searches for things that include the slotted gem bonus? It sounds like you replaced a search that always included the gem bonus to one that never includes it. This considerably decreases item visibility, as it limits us to finding items with native stats only. Will there be two different filters? Like "Consider Gem Bonus" and "Do Not Consider Gem Bonus" kind of thing? I'm curious because this impacts both selling and buying. (What's the point of slotting a low level ring for an extra stat to help it sell if it won't be visible anyway; when searching for a gem bonus like extra magic find I now have to use "Has Sockets" and scroll through hoping I'll find that topaz gem bonus instead of directly filtering for it.)

A CM response would be greatly appreciated.
This patch will indeed be helpful but the downside is that gold will surely lose its value up to ten times because of this since you can post a mil for 25 cents.

This is bad news for people looking to earn some cash out of their hard earned gold.
This is good news for blizzard since gold will most certainly lose its value and people will have more reason to go to the RMAH. I sure hope this was not their intention. Also, if you see it this way. No gold value= no gold botters/farmers or at least turn them off cause their income will then be reduced ten fold. They will need to rewrite their codes and have the bots find and store items that have value and I imagine that would be very hard to automate without being detected by the server's warden.

The inflation on the gold economy however, will be severe. And more people will be pissed cause most people cant access the RMAH for many reasons should they want to buy from it. It would then be impossible for them to buy items they actually want to have but have failed to get from monsters. I want to point an example. At the moment you can buy the best stat skull grasp for $250 in RMAH. You can buy a similar stat or even better from the GAH for about 100-200mil. I gave this example cause I play around 4-8 hours a day and I consider myself an average gamer, and the most gold I had was 10mil that I earned for over a week before I got lucky and found then sold one of these rings for 150+mil. Imagine if gold is .25 a mil. This would mean an average player without access to RMAH will need to be shooting for 1.5B to 2B of gold just to buy one since the gold value dropped tenfold. That alone is really frustrating. Imagine what a casual player without access to RMAH would feel.

Best solution would be to remove the option to sell gold. Why?

1) Items from the RMAH will still have their value.
2) Minimize AH flipping exploits
3) Eliminate gold botters or cripple them since they will then need to use the gold they farmed to search and buy items that have value in the RMAH.

But then again this would not eliminate 3rd party gold selling. One solution for this is to eliminate gold trading between characters. Why we dont need it? For example: My wife and I play but she rarely plays and she hasnt reached 60 yet as well. I never gave her gold. I only gave her the best or not so best items that I could find or buy and give it to her character. I'm sure this is also true between friends. Sure there are some times that a friend would ask for a little gold if they want to buy something from the GAH and are short of gold but this rarely happens anyway. A real player who actually enjoys the game and play with friends or families will almost never need gold trading between characters. A slight problem to this is like when the time my bro (a casual player) wanted to expand his stash so he needed the 200k gold that I gave to him. Easy fix would be is to have upgrade tokens that you can buy since you have the gold and give it to them instead . So I really think this is a viable solution.

*Sorry for grammatical errors, typos or wrong contexts. 'Cause English is not may native tongue*
Sounds like some very good changes, especially being able to see tooltips and listing prices for completed/expired auctions.
Does + Life, + damage, and + protection only effect the recommended page? it would be nice to know exactly how something will effect me before i buy it.

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