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08/20/2012 07:04 AMPosted by VitaminEZ
Blizzard +1

I really wish there was a clear answer to the price of gold. If gold is now only 25 cents per million I am done with this game. I know it isnt a problem that will affect everyone, but it affects all of the decisions Ive made in the game that last month or so. It will make gold worthless, drive up the gold AH prices and the RMAH item prices. The last is good for me...if I hadnt converted my RMAH quality items to gold via gold AH sales just two nights ago. It took me forever to save 50 mil, and now its possibly worth $15? GG.

So not only would I get screwed out of real money for the gold I could have made by just selling the items on the RMAH, my gold is now worth less in even the gold AH. Botters will make sure of that. Theyre sitting on gold that will be worth 1/8 its value, and they will convert their billions by buying up every good item than can get off the gold ah. Dont believe that? Look at the prices of rubies today, and brimstones after patch previews came out. Theyre preparing to adjust their business.
As someone who has never used the RMAH and will probably never use it, if the price of gold drops down to the levels of 0.25 per M then won't the price of items on the GAH multiply by up to a factor of ten for top end items; as it will be so simple for people to acquire the gold necessary?

This will be a serious piss off if so. Fingers crossed the pricing stays the same for gold as it is now.
These changes look very nice. Off the top of my head, the one thing more I would like to see is the option to select shorter auction times, e.g. 4, 8, or 12 hours.
Ability to sort time left = no more awesome cheap gear. Damn ah bots.
Yup! That was about every single issue I had with the AH listed there :D
The is no mention of the most important change needed for the AH; a stat comparison with your currently equipped gear like you see in-game! There's nothing worse then guessing if an item will produce a damage increase, then finding out it was actually worse after you purchase it and throw your money down the drain. =(
And everyone thought they were not listening. Just because they do not comment does not mean they are not reading.
@Toxi Agreed.
08/20/2012 07:06 AMPosted by Megalith
When will you add a game to the auction house???

is pvp coming out?
will jay wilson make some kind of apology or explanation for his recent statements to the diablo dude?

is blizzard praying that goldskin is gonna find the botters for them or something?

thank you for finishing the AH though. i had to spend so much time looking up legendary pieces and the socket stat thing was very bothersome...especually for head piece.

i really hope farming becomes exciting more than once in a blue moon.
the patch does not mean that a million gold is worth 25cents
it means that YOU CAN SELL a million gold for 25 cents
currently if i want i can put a 100 000 gold for sale for 5 dollars, doesnt mean anyone gonna pay that but i have that choice
same goes for when they change it to a million gold, the price will fluctuate until it settles down and this just provides anyone with a lot of gold to sell it at a price comparable to 3rd party sites
I like the fact that Blizzard has actually done something to please some customers.


Make an awesome skill system..................
Great changes, thanks.

I only thing i am not sure about is the sort on Time Left column. That will completely change the ah as people will snipe all the auctions. For people that don't have all the time in the world to play games they will have less chance of sniping items.

Only thing that you have not added that I can think of is the ability to search the completed page for an item to see how much was paid for it.
@OP Keep within the scope of this patch, worry not about 1.1.0 until after this project is finished.
Thanks guys! you might not here this often enough but thanks for all the hard work and pulling out all the stops for this patch! Look forward to things to come!
Not having a floor of $2.5 per mil is going to ruin the economy. There is WAY more money being created every day than money lost. The more gold = lower prices and also makes the value of very good items go up 10 fold. So your current good items costing 100mil, will now be anywhere from 500m-1bil(depends on what gold prices set at)
Great changes, and with the Paragon system and all the changes made in 1.0.4, it's absolutely awesome !! Now we get to have an end game, and the rarest items are ALSO the best !!

Can't wait for the patch !!!!!
Here is your one period back, plus interest: ...


Interest.. UGH, the reason this world sucks
finally, no more sifting through 10 pages of gear to find what I want. Should have been in at the start, but nice to see its coming in now.

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