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Im not sure if this subject as already been talked about ... cause there is about 35 pages in this topic and i just didnt have enough time to read all of them .. but, i've got a suggestion for the auction house.

Im sure a lot of you guys already had this problem too , but when you put some item in the auction house and the item doesnt sell because the price was too high , the item is going back in your stash with a message from auction house saying the item didnt sell... but the price of the item you tried to sell it isnt written in the message ... and most of the time we sell a lot of items at the same time... and a lot doesnt sell ... so when you go take a look 3 days later to see if you sold any items , you see that there's 4-5 that didnt sell ... but sometimes it's really hard to remember for what price you tried too sell all those items ..... because one was at 1.5 million , the other was at 35k , other were at 175k etc...

My point is : if there was a message saying

Ring of streght ......... didnt sell for the price of : 50k

it would be much easier to put that ring back in the auction house for a little less .. because the way it is now , we all have to go back and enter all the Preferred Stats all over again , just to search what price would be good

That will now show as part of the changes

Whenever an auction expires or is cancelled, the listing price of that item will now display in the Completed tab.
my main concern was knowing what in the hell i just sold!!!!! LMAO Thanks
I can dig it.
Ahhh what the heck people were paying me 25 cent per 100k already that's brutal I wonder how long it will take a million gold to go for a quarter
Its not confusing really, what they are saying is that if you want to sell 1 million in gold for 0.25 per unit "Stack" ("if thats your thing"), then you can. Current third party market price on Gold averages around 1$ USD per million, (via spam in our chat rooms) around 10 bucks for 10 million in Gold give or take a few cents. You, personally, can now sell your own gold at stacks of 1 million for a minimum of 0.25 per unit or keep with current third party market at $1.00 per million.
My guess is this fix, will cut the majority if not all of the third party gold farmers out of our market and put the Gold market back in the players hands, with a kickback of $1.00 PLUS .15% of the sale to Blizzard.

I think you're right on this, except for gold, Blizzard gets 15%, and Paypal gets 15%, if you use PayPal. Earlier, I remarked how the 1,000,000 stack was too high. After reading about the Paragon levels and the addition of Magic Find at 3% per level, I rescind. Gear with Gold Find will become more valuable now, and there will be more gold found.
08/21/2012 10:39 AMPosted by dosulli4
Ahhh what the heck people were paying me 25 cent per 100k already that's brutal I wonder how long it will take a million gold to go for a quarter

No one should post 1,000,000 for 0.25 until the gold farmers get that low. Spread it!!!
08/21/2012 10:27 AMPosted by Blazenamaze
my main concern was knowing what in the hell i just sold!!!!! LMAO Thanks

This is also in the patch. We can now view items that sold.
Why is the AH down...o.o?
great way to hide the crap you changed with classes
Now that is bothering the crap out of me. Thanks. Lol.
yay, I can find out what I sold.
One more small, admittedly nit-picky and esoteric feature that would simply be the "cherry on top" would be if the search fields would retain their current values when alternating between the GAH and RMAH. Surely I'm not the only person who uses both auction houses for market research. I'm constantly flipping back and forth between them and having to re-enter the same criteria over and over again. It also doesn't help that I have a.d.d and some of my searches are completely reckless..

I'm not necessarily asking or expecting Blizzard to implement this change for the benefit of such a small minority.. Just putting it out there cause I like cherries on my 1.0.4 updates.
Why is there still no AVG damage filter on off hands
GJ guys, gold is now 1.09 per mil. I like how you Blizzard !@#$ed themselves over with this one, enjoy your reduced prices %^-*!@#s! The minimum price for 1 mil is 1.00. Don't expect it to ever go that much higher, good job crashing the economy.
Hell, its about time.
5 digits? Is it going to inflate (the stats on items and so the whole game)?

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