Bash - Punish

This skill could really use a stack timer buff like frenzy.

That is all. Thank you.
Very true, though even with frenzy I find myself counting out loud because I hate taking my eyes off the action. One thousand one, one thousand two...
Yes stack timer would be amazing.
Eh, I mean it's not essential, but I have no problem just glancing at the frenzy timer without be distracted from the fight.

It's something that seems extremely fast and easy for them to add, so I see no reason not to.
Bump for this
Another bump! +1'd be very handy
didnt this have a timer buff pre 1.04?
Yeah a timer would be great. I've quickly gotten used to just Bashing every other attack though.
Good idea!
Totally agree! Should be an easy add for next patch.
A timer would be nice but you do know when it fails off as your get a little wind aura that goes off when the stacks drop off.

Whoever was the one counting, more power to you but I can listen to music watch TV, and count doesnt work me, but then again I am kind of slow sometimes lol.
I gots at least 3 and 4 kinds of BUMP for this idea.
As long as the stack timer doesn't take up another slot. MORE SLOTS!
yes this would be convenient !
+1 to this, should be easy to implement and very helpful in my opinion
I agree.

However given that they:

1) Can't even display more than 5 buffs currently
2) Just barely added a buff display for WD Gruesome Feast in 1.05 PTR

I'd say it'll be 1-3 patches before they add one for Punish...

I really wish they had custom UI support like WoW did.
Just startd using this skill and found out that there is no buff icon... This should have been implemented a long time ago.

And btw, what's the deal with only 5 buff icons? I can't see how much time is left on wotb becouse of this.

Blizzard, fix this please.

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