Bash - Punish

Yeah please add an icon.
I guess this isn't getting anywhere?
+1 Agreed
Yeah, make it 30 seconds.

Agree, its annoying that it doesn't have a counter.

On a semi related note maybe they should move the neph valor counter to a different place on the UI
Not a terrible idea. Does frenzy apply to all your other skills as well?
+1...great idea!!!
Lol. I saw this thread and was like hey I agree with this, then realized I started this a couple months ago.

Either way, I'll /sign my own topic.
True. Im doing ubers w/ my inventory open

Also, Punish should delete all of your allies' gold whenever they ID items during a run, try to sell crappy items during a run, or type something about barbs being OP.
Another fan here!
It used to have one, no idea why they removed it.

Thread in the bug department, bump, like or whatever, lets see if we can get an answer.
Didn't you hear? Blizzard doesn't want to do anything to the UI that would add clutter!

It's all about the clutter!


JW really did one over on this franchise. Getting the UI right should be a pretty easy task, but even that Blizzard screwed up. Stating a desire for a lack of clutter is laughable given the quest pane can't be removed, nor the minimap.
+1 agree.
+1 ppl bump bug report thread
looking for support.

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