Suspended, now billing queue?

Technical Support
I purchased the game last night via paypal and let the game download overnight. Got up this morning and played about 8 hours. Suddenly I was disconnected and when I tried to log in it said I was suspended for violating rules.

No email. No messages. Nothing.

So I went to my account and it said the paypal was canceled and refunded. Whatever. So I paid via Visa and yet I'm still suspended. Wonderful business model you have here.

3 hours later and still no email within 30 minutes like promised. No answer on support ticket.

So why offer digital purchase if you reject payment?

I want back into the game immediately or reject my CC immediately so I can go buy a physical copy of the game and get in immediately. Ridiculous to offer services you can't support in real time.
On hold with support now.

thank you
Same issue, got suspended after buying D3 via paypal and waiting for funds to clear, how long did it take before you were unsuspended? Also, how did you get in contact with support? I can't find a number anywhere :( Made a ticket almost 24 hours ago and nothing.

I did go out and by the game, and it didn't help, account still suspended... Please help.

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